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Will The Enchantress Be the Main Villain in 'Thor 4?'

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By Laura Kelly

Even though it won't be released until 2021, Marvel fans are already getting excited for 'Thor: Love and Thunder.' Director Taika Waititi already turned 'Thor: Ragnarok' into a runaway hit and the best Thor-centered movie in the MCU franchise, so fans were thrilled to hear that he would also direct 'Thor 4.'

We already know that besides the God of Thunder himself, fan favorites Jane Foster, Valkyrie, and Korg will be appearing in the film. Now, fans are speculating who the best villain should be.

Signs Point to 'The Enchantress'

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In the comics, the goddess Amora, a.k.a "The Enchantress," is one of Thor's most formidable foes. Her primary abilities include her magic spells, and most notably, her powers of seduction and mind control. Amora is featured prominently in the comics, so now would be the best time for the Enchantress to make her film debut. Amora is often trying to ensnare the God of Thunder in the comics, so given that the upcoming movie is called 'Love and Thunder,' the Enchantress's presence would certainly be fitting.

Jane Foster Might Lead the Fight Against the Enchantress

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Natalie Portman has had a long absence from the MCU, but we know that she'll be back to reprise her role as Jane Foster. Not only that, but we also know that Jane is slated to become the new Thor in 'Love and Thunder.' And Jane's transformation into the Thunder God is cannon to the comics. In that particular storyline, Thor himself loses his worthiness and his ability to wield his hammer, Mjolnir, but Jane is deemed worthy and temporarily takes over the role of Thor.

The Enchantress Might Cause Jane to Become the New Thor

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It's entirely possible that the Enchantress might be the cause of Jane Foster's transformation into the God of Thunder. We know from the comics that one of Amora's goals is to trap Thor and make him her consort - through whatever means necessary. A potential plot point could involve Amora using her powers to enslave Thor, thus rendering him unable (and unworthy) to wield Mjolnir.

That might be the driving force that ultimately grants Mjolnir and the powers of the Thunder God to Jane.

Who Will Play The Enchantress?

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We're not sure who will play the Enchantress in 'Love and Thunder, but rumor has it that Marvel has their eye on Jennifer Lawrence.

It's all pure speculation at this point, but there are at least a few fans who wouldn't mind seeing Lawrence in the role. She already has plenty of experience in playing superhero films from working on the X-Men franchise, so she might be amenable to taking part in the MCU. Especially since this role probably won't involve so much body makeup.

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