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'Game of Thrones' Showrunners Confirm the Fate of Daenarys' Body

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By Laura Kelly

Ever since 'Game of Thrones' ended, fans still have numerous questions regarding the aftermath of the show. One of those questions is whatever became of Daenarys's body. The last we ever saw of Dany was right after she was stabbed and killed by Jon Snow. Her dragon, Drogon, in his grief, burned/melted the Iron Throne before flying off with Daenarys's body. We never see or hear from Drogon again within the show, leaving fans wondering what happened to Dany. Well, the showrunners have come out to answer that question.

Did Drogon Eat Daenarys' Body?

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One of the strangest, yet most prevailing theories behind Daenarys's fate is that Drogon ultimately consumed her body. As in, he ate her. In some mythologies, dragons have been known to eat the bodies of their dead masters. Naturally, fans wondered if this was also to be the case on GOT.

Even Emilia Clark has been confronted with such fan theories and exhibited some concern about her character's ultimate fate-as dragon food. However, GOT showrunners, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have dispelled that idea.

"Drogon's not going to eat you," said Benioff. "He's not a cat. Did you see how gently he was nudging you?"

So, What Did Drogon Do With The Body?

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According to the showrunners, Drogon took Daenarys to Volantis, her true home, the place of her ancestors. Volantis is the greatest of the Free Cities east of Westeros and the land where the power of the dragons was mastered. Evidently, despite never having been to Volantis, we can believe that Drogon knows where he's headed and the symbolism of laying his mother to rest there. He also understands enough about the political symbolism of the Iron Throne to melt it into a puddle, so fans should be able to accept this as well.

Confirmation Has Resulted in Yet Another Fan Theory

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Confirmation Has Resulted in Yet Another Fan Theory

Since Benioff and Weiss have assured us that the corpse of the Dragon Queen has not been eaten by one of her children, fans now have a new theory. While in agreement that Drogon was returning Dany to her homeland, fans are now speculating that perhaps Drogon was taking her to Kinvara, the High Priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis (introduced in Season 6), to be resurrected. We've seen the power of the Red Priestesses on the show before (i.e., Melisandre), and it's clear that resurrection is not entirely beyond them.

Daenarys-Centered Theories Are Probably Moot


However, fans can speculate all they want about Dany's ultimate fate, but it seems that she is really and truly dead. There aren't any plans for a 'Game of Thrones' sequel from neither Benioff and Weiss nor George R.R. Martin, so it's probably safe to assume that Dany is gone for good. At least in the world of the GOT HBO series. We'll have to wait and see if George R.R. Martin has a different plan for Dany in the world of the novels, but that seems like it will be a long way off.

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