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Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins Talk Alcohol Struggles, Crying in Interview

Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto
By Joe Allen

Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins weren't afraid to go deep in a conversation recently published by Interview Magazine. Their conversation ranged through topics like crying and alcohol, and they also touched on the importance of learning and moving on from past mistakes.

In the conversation, Pitt mentions that he remembers Hopkins telling him he'd "dumped" the alcohol while they were filming 1998's "Meet Joe Black." In September, Pitt opened up to The New York Times about quitting drinking and attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

Anthony Hopkins
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I look at it, and I think, 'What a great blessing that was because it was painful,'" Hopkins said of his time drinking. "I did some bad things. But it was all for a reason, in a way. And it’s strange to look back and think, 'God, I did all those things?' But it's like there's an inner voice that says, 'It's over. Done. Move on.'"

Pitt agreed that you should work to move past your mistakes as much as you can.

Brad Pitt
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He claimed that that was something he was constantly struggling with. "I think we’re living in a time where we’re extremely judgmental and quick to treat people as disposable," the "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" actor said. "We’ve always placed great importance on the mistake. But the next move, what you do after the mistake, is what really defines a person. We’re all going to make mistakes. But what is that next step? We don’t, as a culture, seem to stick around to see what that person’s next step is. And that’s the part I find so much more invigorating and interesting."

Brad Pitt
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Pitt and Hopkins also discussed their emotions, and how frequently each of them cries in their personal lives.

"I am quite famously a not-crier," the 55-year-old actor said. "Is that a term? I hadn’t cried in, like, 20 years, and now I find myself, at this latter stage, much more moved — moved by my kids, moved by friends, moved by the news. Just moved. I think it’s a good sign. I don’t know where it’s going, but I think it’s a good sign."

Anthony Hopkins
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Hopkins seemed to agree with Pitt's notion that it was healthy, adding that he cries "at the drop of a hat, because everything moves me." The 81-year-old "Silence of the Lambs" actor added that age has something to do with his more frequent crying spells.

"You’ll find, as you get older, that you just want to weep," the actor added. Sometimes, nt all tears are filled with sorrow, though. "It’s not even about grief. It’s about the glory of life," Hopkins said.

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