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Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince William, and Princess Charlotte

Adorable Things Prince George and Princess Charlotte Love Doing at Home All the Time

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By Clarissa Wilson

Prince William and wife, Duchess Kate Middleton now have three young children who they adore very much. Their fans love learning all about what the children are up to every chance they get. And, Prince William and Kate Middleton love updating everyone about what the little Prince's and Princess are up often.

It seems the two oldest children have amazing talents now that they are getting old enough to do different things. What are these two doing now that they enjoy showing off to their parents?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Duchess Kate shared an update recently to the public letting them know what she and Prince William's oldest kids are into these days. It seems the children have amazing performing talents and really love showing mum and dad what they can do. They love to put on performances for Kate and William and do it all the time now.

As for little Prince Louis, he might be too young still at just one-year-old but maybe he will share his brother and sister's talents with them when he gets a little older too.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Last month, in November, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended the Royal Variety Performance that goes on every year. The Royal Variety Performance was at the Palladium Theater in London and when Prince William and Duchess Kate attended last month, they got to meet many of the young children who performed different things showing their talents to the audience.

Although they do take the children with them as much as they can, they still need a date night with just the two of them every once in a while. They took the chance to go alone to the Royal Variety Performance last month without their three children in tow.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte
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However, just because they were there without the three kids, this doesn't mean their children were far from their mind or anyone else's for that matter. Everyone they stopped to talk to asked about the children and what little Prince George and Princess Charlotte are into these days.

For example, one person who asked where the children were since they weren't with Kate and William this time, was Petula Clark, who is a part of the Mary Poppins cast. She asked why the children weren't with the couple and Prince William and Kate Middleton told her that it was because it was a school night for them.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Clark also asked what the kids enjoy doing these days and Kate said they enjoy putting on little shows for them all the time, especially Princess Charlotte. She also told one of the six-year-old female acrobats' that Prince George and Princess Charlotte love doing acrobats too. She said that they are always doing handstands and cartwheels for them in their home.

A few days after the Duke and Duchess attended the Royal Variety Performance, Prince William was honoring a woman by the name of Eileen Fenton with an award for volunteering her services over the years. While he did this, he shared more interesting information about what their two oldest children are good at and enjoy doing.

Cheat Sheet reports that Fenton was the first English woman to finish the race of the English Channel back in 1950. She was very happy to learn what the two oldest are good at doing.

Princess Charlotte, Duchess Kate Middleton, Prince George, and Prince William
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Not only do the two children enjoy putting on different shows for their parents in their home, but they are also very good at swimming and enjoy doing it. Prince William said he and Kate like to teach their children how to swim at a very young age. Because of this, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are good at swimming and love doing it.

Duchess Kate is a good swimmer too and loves swimming. She took the two oldest, earlier this year to a swimming pool at a hotel in Norfolk to let them have fun swimming. Onlookers saw the kids playing in the water and racing each other back and forth in the pool.

It is great that they teach their children to swim and that they love putting shows on for Kate and Prince William. What do you think about this? Sound off with your thoughts on this and let everyone know what you think!

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