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Donald Trump's Rating is at an All Time High With Business Owners

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By Ben Robinson III

It's hard to believe that we will soon be electing a new president in just under a year, however, we still have a long way to go before that time. And with this current administration anything is liable to happen because we've all been taken through an extremely bumpy ride up until this point. Still, the supposed end is in sight and we are lightyears away from that time in 2017 when he began his reign. And many are still reeling from his rise to power.

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November 8, 2016, seems like a long time ago, but it will forever be etched into the psyche of the American people because it marks the day Hilary Clinton lost her chance at running the country to reality television star Donald Trump, and the landscape of our country has never been the same in the aftermath. Things have become just a little more tense for everyone, and even those who rode hard for Trump, in the beginning, have fallen off by the thousands as he continues to run the country on his own terms with little to no remorse for whom he offends.


However, all is not lost with Trump's approval ratings across the board. Of course, the Gallup Poll reports that his current approval rating is 43%, which isn't surprising. But if Trump is looking for even bigger numbers he should look no further than the business sector, which is where he made his bread and butter before tossing his wig into the ring as a presidential nominee. As CNBC reports Trump is finding the greatest amount of support from business owners.


Sixty percent of small business owners approve of the way Donald Trump is handling his job as president, the highest approval rating number since CNBC and SurveyMonkey began its quarterly Small Business Survey in 2017. Small business owners typically are a conservative-leaning group. The approval of Trump never has been below 51% in the almost three-year history of the survey. Support for Trump rose to 60% from 57% in the third quarter of 2019.

And that's not all Trump has to be thankful for during the festive season.

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“Republicans are more likely than Democrats to anticipate consequences for their businesses as a result of the impeachment,” says SurveyMonkey Senior Research Scientist Laura Wronski. “Whether it’s because they view it as a political distraction that prevents people from working on real policy changes or because they’re taking it a step further and they’re concerned about Trump leaving office, we can’t say that much from these data.” Seventy percent of those who disapprove of Trump say impeachment is unlikely to impact their business. Trump supporters also are much more likely to say “Jobs and the Economy” is the issue that matters most to them, with 39% of them saying it is their top issue, versus 15% of those who disapprove of the president.

Great news for Trump and his supporters. And just in case these headlines get miscalculated as 'Fake News' Trump will probably retweet a few articles just so everyone knows his approval ratings are up somewhere.

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