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Kim Kardashian Is Being Called Out Online For Supporting An Alleged Sexual Predator

Gettyimages | Rodin Eckenroth
By Ben Robinson III

For the past few months, there have been a lot of stories involving Kim Kardashian and her efforts to shed the years of negativity surrounding her persona. The entity her fans have come to know and love is synonymous with fashion and beauty, particularly with more emphasis placed upon the latter. Kardashian is a walking billboard for designers, and she's never been one to shy away from the spotlight. However, now she wishes to involve herself with social justice reform.

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For Kardashian, her newfound look on becoming involved with social issues is not a game. She's been documenting her legal journey by mixing her social media feeds with, not just the daily selfies her fans have grown accustomed to, but also with reminders that she is super serious about her reform efforts. Even as far back as Labor Day weekend this past September when she posted to her Instagram stories that she was skipping celebrating in the traditional sense with family and friends to stay in and catch up with her studies.


According to Parade Kardashian wrote;

“While everyone is probably at a barbecue, I am studying contracts today,” she said off-camera in an Instagram Story, filming her textbook and notes. Kardashian, 38, previously called “contracts the most boring” of the three subjects covered during the first year of law school, while torts are “the most confusing,” and criminal law she can “do in [her] sleep.”

Though she's made a valiant effort to stay committed to her new course in life she's also now coming under fire for a new controversy during the tumultuous #MeToo era.


Showbiz Cheatsheet reports that Kardashian, who once called out her personal photographer for his own harassment allegations, is coming under fire for her affiliation with another alleged predator Mario Testino. In a recent Instagram post, Kardashian shared a photo with one of her children captioned "Best Friends" while tagging photographer Testino. The issue comes in when Instagram user diet_prada posted a side by side comparison of Kardashian's support with women accusing her personal photographer Marcus Hyde of sexual assault yet completely ignoring the thirteen male models and assistants who accused Testino of the exact same thing.

Following the post, many were quick to comment on the contradictory nature of Kardashian's social justice efforts with one writing "Kim Kardashian lacks integrity. Shocking." and another adding "because if she stopped being around problematic men she’d have to get divorced." At one point diet_prada stepped in to address one comment.

“In this case, Kim needs to be called out because she is literally one of the most famous people in the world and is consciously choosing to endorse an accused sexual predator… relatively soon after she stood with the women who survived through sexual assault from Marcus.”

Looks like Kardashian will be fighting once again in the court of public opinion, especially since whether the victims were male or female shouldn't matter. Hopefully, she will be just as vocal about Testino's accusations as she was with Hyde's if she ever chooses to speak on this issue.

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