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Veteran Director Rob Reiner's Recent Comments About Donald Trump Are Shocking Everyone

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By Ben Robinson III

Many will admit that veteran actor/director Rob Reiner is a member of Hollywood royalty and has been a voice among the people when it comes to things taking place within the political spectrum. Perhaps it stems from his Emmy award-winning role on All in the Family back in the 1970s, but Reiner is without a doubt one of the most outspoken celebrities in Hollywood. And when it comes to his opinions he has no problems letting everyone know which side he stands on.

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Fans of classic American sitcoms will immediately remember Rob Reiner, son of legendary screenwriter/director Carl Reiner, as the opinionated son-in-law of staunch curmudgeon Archie Bunker on the groundbreaking television series All in the Family. Though it was primarily a show created to shock viewers in a world that had been steadily changing since the Vietnam war the contention between Carol O'Connor's Bunker and Reiner's Stivic provided many teaching moments for viewers everywhere to challenge their initial beliefs on race and equality in 1970's America.

After portraying Stivic for a few seasons of All in the Family, securing two Emmy awards for his time on the show, Reiner went on to become a highly sought after filmmaker. And not just any filmmaker mind you. His contributions to the screen have been very commendable, as he has graced American cinema with tons of classics including the fantasy tale The Princess Bride, coming-of-age film Stand By Me, and 1990's Misery, which was adapted from Stephen King's book into a film that won lead actress Kathy Bates an Oscar.

Though he has found success as an actor, director and producer that has never stopped Reiner from also being one of the most outspoken celebrities in Hollywood. And according to Fox News Reiner is making heads spin with his recent remarks about the current guy in the White House, Donald Trump.

The actor and director, 72, often uses his Twitter to deride President Trump, his administration and his supporters. On Friday, the notoriously politically outspoken star took to Twitter to once again call for Trump's impeachment and removal from office. He upset many of his critics and followers when he also shared his thoughts on Trump’s allies, accusing them of being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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“Every elected Republican knows that this President is guilty of countless Impeachable offenses,” Reiner wrote. “But they, along with many White Evangelicals & White Supremacists have made a pact with Putin. But unlike a pact with the Devil, this one can be unsigned.”

Some of his followers weren't pleased with his choice of words, with one commenting "Gotta get off them drugs Robbie," and another stating "I remember when they used to lock up deranged people, to protect them from themselves, and the rest of us". However, Reiner has not addressed those comments or backtracked from what he said. Do you think he went too far?

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