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Everybody Has to Pay Their Bills, Including Drake: Restaurant Shut Down

Gettyimages | Karwai Tang
By Zachary Holt

Even the most famous celebrities have bills to pay, whether that's for a multimillion-dollar mansion in Brentwood, contract salaries to agents, or in Drake's case, his Toronto-based restaurant Pick 6ix which is set to permanently shut down following months of unpaid rent to the landlord, totaling up to $67,000. Not chump change, that's for sure. While the media has reported on this unpaid debt, the restaurant itself is denying being late on any monthly rent payments and instead, is citing water damage due to flooding as the reason. But which one is it?

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Potential Flood Damage from Pipe Leaks

Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez

The narrative that the restaurant is stick to is that there have been documented and consistent pike leakages over the course of the last year or so, leading to a handful of temporary shutdowns as the appropriate repairs were made.

Jeff Darby, the Operations Manager for Pick 6ix made a statement to the Daily Hive stating, "We have always paid rent on time and this month is no different, despite a number of issues with the building – including two floods in the past two years due to issues with the pipes. We plan to continue to work with the landlord to resolve any misunderstanding and get back to repairing the restaurant from the water damage. We want to thank our customers for their patience and hope to reopen again in the new year."

But What about the Rent?


The other side of the story is that the restaurant has not been paying its monthly dues to the landlord for some time, skyrocketing up to above $67,000. As a result, the property manager has reached out to multiple people in an attempt to settle the restaurant's debt. With the restaurant adamantly denying any wrongdoing, it seems that they are taking the necessary steps to 'correct any misunderstanding' between them and the landlord. We'll have to see if anything else comes of this situation, as it pertains to the rent.

It Couldn't be the Quality of the Restaurant, Could it?

Unsplash | Jay Wennington

Despite there being only two hypothesized reasons why the restaurant has decided to shut down permanently, there's also a third that some people are talking about. Since it's opening, numerous complaints about the quality of service, the overpriced food, and an overall snobby atmosphere have abounded. One particular complaint is a $6 plate fee for bringing out a dessert, which is reported is a premade delection. Although this seems minimal, the overall experience seems to be leave much to be desired.

A Possible Reopen?


Despite all of these reasons or excuses for why Drake's restaurant is shutting down, at least temporarily, the management is maintaining that they fully intended on reopening in early 2020. It's rather peculiar, though, that Drake, who is worth around 150 million dollars, couldn't send a quick check over to the landlord, if the rent rumor is, in fact, the reason for the shutdown. If it does remain shut down, it will be the second restaurant owned by Drake that has closed. At this point, all we can do it wait and see.

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