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The Kardashian Rule: Do What You Love And The Money Will Come

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By Ona L

The popular saying "do what you love and the money will come" has never rung truer. Recently Kim Kardashian West revealed the one rule that she and her sisters follow for success. We would actually like to call it the best business practices. Truthfully, who would not want to take business advice from the Kardashian-Jenner Klan? Kim especially. She now runs several businesses including her latest shapewear line SKIMS and her perfume line KKW Fragrance that she has partnered with her sisters to do.

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Clearly, the mom of 4 is no stranger to being a business owner and essentially having it all. She makes sure that everything she does is something that she truly has a passion for. So, where did this business confidence come from? During an interview with ET Online, Kardashian West said that she and her sisters used to be obsessed with accepting every project that was thrown their way because they didn’t know when their 15 minutes of fame would be up.

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So, what is this big advice that mommy Kim has to offer? Focus on projects that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. She continued. “So I think when we really took a second to just realize like ‘okay what are we really doing?’ let’s focus on projects that are really just going to be fulfilling for us, that are authentic to us, that we really know inside and out.” Could the real secret be that if it doesn’t feel like work then it just isn’t work?

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Kim got even more candid by sharing the process she goes through when she puts her all into her business “I put my heart and soul into SKIMS. I have spent so many years sewing shapewear, dyeing shapewear, cutting up shapewear with our tape, using any kind of tape you can imagine — gaffers tape, shipping tape, packing tape, everything you can imagine — that would leave me with these, like, scars and burns every time I take it off. So, I really have worked hard to make everything in this SKIMS line, everything I would have dreamed existed a while ago.”

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While Kim and her sisters are no strangers to owning a business, we have to admit that in the past they promoted and said a few things that made people cringe. Even the most hardcore fans can admit that a few of those past collaborations like Kim with Carl’s Jr, and Kylie with those horrible presenting skills at the 2014 Much Music Awards. Like everyone else in the world, we are sure the girls hated most of the stuff they had to promote or say to make money.

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Fortunately, for them, their mom Kris and basically anyone else who is in their inner circle their star power is so bright that there is no way they will ever be forced to go back to what most of us know as a normal life. We are going to take this advice from Kim and run with it. It isn’t everyday that very rich and successful people give away their money-making secrets. This is low-key a blessing that we all need to appreciate.

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