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Louis C.K. Makes Another Controversial Joke During Tel Aviv Comedy Show

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur
By Natalie Hunter

Louis C.K. has made yet another controversial joke during his recent Tel Aviv show. "I’d rather be in Auschwitz than New York City," C.K. joked, according to the New York Daily News.

"I mean now, not when it was open," he added attempting to soften the blow. According to the outlet, the audience did not have an audibly repulsed response clapping after C.K. made the joke. Louis C.K. has revealed in the past that his grandfather is Jewish which likely made the joke more palatable for the audience.

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Louis C.K.'s fall from grace began when he was outed during the #MeToo movement. [Several female comedians reported] ( that he was masturbating during their sets and in front of them in their dressing rooms.

He initially tried to brush off the rumors and allegations. He even joked about them during a stand-up set saying, "If they say 'yes,' then still don't do it, because it's not popular." He eventually released a public statement apologizing for his actions and acknowledging his manipulative tactics.


"At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my d— without asking first, which is also true," C.K.'s statement read. "But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly."

Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

Despite the statement, Louis C.K. quickly attempted to return to comedy. According to PopCulture, he made light of the allegations once again joking, "I like to jerk off, and I don't like being alone." He also performed a set that a number of problematic jokes. He made light of the Parkland shooting and the activism sparked around it. He mocked the efforts of the survivors. While present viewers laughed, many who heard the jokes after the fact took to social media to express their anger.

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"Testify in front of Congress, these kids, what the f--k? What are you doing?" Louis C.K asked regarding the Parkland Survivors that spoke to Congress. "Cause you went to a high school where kids got shot, why does that mean I have to listen to you? Why does that make you interesting? You didn't get shot. You pushed some fat kid in the way and now I gotta listen to you talking?"

Looks like C.K. will keep leaning into the controversy as he struggles to survive in today's comedy climate.

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