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Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton Show Off Their Playful Sense of Humor and it's Just the Best Thing Ever

Gettyimages | WPA Pool
By Clarissa Wilson

Amid the gloom and doom going on in the Royal Family lately, with Prince Andrew on the verge of losing his Royal status and Meghan Markle and Prince William fighting with the media, Prince William and Kate Middleton still find time to laugh and have a sense of humor. It is so refreshing to see something fun and funny happen and to see them smile and laugh.

What is going on in the Royal Family? Prince Andrew was close friends with Jeffrey Epstein who was accused of sexual assault by many women, he and Trump were both accused of sexual assault by these women. Epstein went to prison for his sexual assault crimes and was found dead in his cell from an apparent suicide. What did Prince Andrew have to do with this and why is he at risk for losing his Royal status?

What are Prince William and Kate Middleton having fun with that is so refreshing for us to see amid the problems going on in the Royal Family?

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Prince Andrew
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For one thing, according to Cheat Sheet, not only was Prince Andrew close friends with Epstein but he remained his close friend even after Epstein was accused of rape by several women. Also, Prince Andrew was even accused of raping a woman by the name of Virginia Roberts. Which, of course, Prince Andrew has flat-out denied these allegations.

Is Prince Andrew guilty of these allegations against him by Roberts? For one thing, he has contradicted himself during an interview with the BBC. He first stated he did not regret his friendship with Epstein one bit. Then, he turned around and said he regretted being his friend. He said that Epstein's suicide left him with many unanswered questions about him. He said he was deeply sympathetic to these women who had accused Epstein of these sex crimes and that he would be stepping down from his Royal duties until further notice. It makes you wonder if he is guilty after all and feeling the heat from it all!

Giphy | BBC

What is going on with Prince Harry and wife, Meghan Markle? Markle has had a few lies spread about her by the media and the couple is in the middle of lawsuits against a couple of the media outlets, including the UK media, the Sun and the Mirror. The Prince and his wife are spending time in the states for the holidays with her mother and to gain some privacy that they feel they deserve.

However, with all of this gloom and doom going on in the Royal Kingdom, Prince William and Kate Middleton were still able to have a sense of humor and laugh when they wanted to, which is just so refreshing after all of this bad stuff going on in the Royal Family. What is making their sense of humor come out amid all of this trouble in the Royal Kingdom?

Camila Cabello
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During a visit to the UK, Camila Cabello, her mother, and BBC 1 radio host, Chris James was having some fun in Kensington Palace. James dared Cabello to steal something from the Palace. He actually triple doggy dared her to steal something simple, He told her to steal a pencil. She said since he triple doggy dared her to steal it, she had to because you can't ignore a triple doggy dare and not do what you are dared to do. It is the way of life, according to Cabello. She said if there was one thing she learned in life was that you can never ignore a triple doggy dare.

So, Cabello stole the pencil and when James ratted her out right away to the Palace guards about it, she threw it into her mother's purse. Her mother said they had to give it back! It was all just a bit of fun.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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While Cabello was being interviewed on BBC 1 Radio by James, she was talking about it and, although declaring she still had the pencil she stole, she apologized to Prince William and Kate Middleton for the little mishap that happened. However, she again, made it clear that she was triple doggy dared to do it and it had to be done because of that.

Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to have fun with Cabello and tweeted their reply to her. They simply tweeted two big eyes, meaning they were surprised about this! Everyone loved this on Twitter and had a good laugh about it as did Prince William and Duchess Kate.

Duchess Kate and Princess Charlotte
Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

This is not the first time they let their sense of humor shine through instead of getting mad about something so trivial. One time when their daughter, Princess Charlotte stuck her tongue out at their fans in the crowd earlier this year, instead of the Duchess getting mad about it, she laughed it off, letting her sense of humor come through once again.

This just proves how chill these two are in public, especially the Duchess of Cambridge, seeing as how she could have gotten mad at CHarlotte for "embarrassing her" in public. However, she laughed instead of getting embarrassed by her child, which every parent should do instead of getting angry with them.

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