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Micheal Jackson's Alien Glove Becomes Center of New Muscial Backed by Johnny Depp

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By Zachary Holt

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, passed away over a decade ago from an unfortunate prescription drug overdose, but his legacy is very much still alive. His unrivaled talent and innovative dancing cast him as one of the best of all time. His reputation in the music business, however, will also forever be linked to the accusations of child sexual abuse and the victims that have come forward after his death. Despite the controversial nature of Jackson in 2019, Johnny Depp is backing a musical that features Jackson's glove as the lead character. The details of this play are without a doubt, out of this world.

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The Alien Glove

Doug Pizac

The musical will chronicle the life story of Michael Jackson but from the point of view of his famous, sequined glove, which just so happens to be an alien from outer space and feeds on the blood of virgin boys. The title that Depp and his production company have settled on is For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorised Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, As Told By His Glove. The seemingly unanimous opinion on this venture will make for some interesting developments come its release.

What It Means for Michael Jackson's Legacy

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Despite the overall popularity of Jackson's music, there is still a dark cloud hanging over his legacy resulting from child abuse accusations, his untimely death through the use of prescription medications, and subsequent documentaries that have chronicled not only Neverland Ranch but his odd behavior towards the end of his life. In the minds of a lot of people, we'll never truly know the full extent of the child abuse allegations and if did, in fact, happen, but producing this show will only move the meter in the wrong direction for his legacy. Something very damaging for his name and family.

The Repurcussions for Johnny Depp's Legacy

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Fresh off a set of his own legal issues stemming from abuse allegations with his former wife, Depp is heading into murky waters by deciding to go into production for this show. Not only does it purport allegations on Jackson himself, even making light of it through the notion that the glove drinks virgin boy blood, but it casts Depp's name back into the arena for abuse and his bullish desire to produce something controversial and sure to backfire on himself. If anything is evident now, social media is sure reacting to the news.

The Reception

How the production of For Love of the Glove is received by fans of Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp, or critics of both, has yet to be seen. The subject matter and the satire that is associated with it are sure to infuriate Jackson supporters, inherently. There doesn't seem any direct benefit for Depp, either. Yet, the show will go on and if it's any indication from the Twitterverse, it could be a bumpy ride for Depp once the product is released to the public.

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