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Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Movie Musical Coming Soon: Lead Role to be His White Glove as an Alien Sexual Predator

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By Clarissa Wilson

A new movie musical about Michael Jackson, the sexual predator allegations against him, and his superstar life is about to come out with the title, 'For the Love of a Glove: An Unauthorized Musical Fable About the Life of Michael Jackson, as Told by His Glove' is a movie musical about the life of Michael Jackson. However, why the weird title and how did they get around the sexual abuse allegations?

According to Cheat Sheet, a Michael Jackson biopic about Jackson's life. Graham King, who also produced Bohemian Rhapsody was given the rights for the biopic by Jackson's estate. The problem they had, however, was the fact that many of the pop singer's fans would assume that some parts of his life would be "sanitized" or just totally eliminated.

Since they didn't want to eliminate or "sanitize" the allegations of sexual abuse against the singer but they also didn't want to ruin his name, they had to come up with something else. Something that would be tricky for them.

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Michael Jackson
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Whether they will have a biopic about the pop stars' life that will either "sanitize" or eliminate these allegations is not known yet. However, a movie musical produced by none other than Johnny Depp will neither shy away from the allegations or tarnish the music icon's name. But, how were they able to come up with something like this without tarnishing his musical image as well as not shying away from the sexual predator allegations against Jackson?

One way to do this, and you will probably have to see the movie musical to actually believe it, is to make the white glove Jackson wore an alien sexual predator from outer space that actually did all of the things that Jackson was accused of. Not only this, but the white glove is actually thye lead role and the story is told "as the white glove!"

Michael Jackson
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Doing it this way will not shy away from the allegations against Jackson and will also not tarnish his name in the music industry. What it does do, though, is places the blame on an inanimate object, the white glove he used to wear a lot during his performances.

How did this idea come about? They had to come up with something, right? They couldn't mess up the singer's name by talking about the sexual abuse allegations against him, yet, they couldn't eliminate that altogether, like many of his fans are probably hoping they would.


According to Rolling Stone, a major TV network requested that Julian Nitzberg, a man with many titles including screenwriter, lyricist, stage writer, and director make a movie about the iconic pop singer. However, the questions about the sexual molestation allegations came up as well as how to do this without hurting the pop singer's name in the music industry. Once he was questioned, Nitzberg shared how he answered them:

"I said, how’s this? Everything MJ has been accused of has actually been caused by his glove, which is actually an alien from outer space [and] feeds on virgin boy blood. They laughed and said, can you do the normal version?"


Although the TV biopic about the singer's life fell through, they soon chose to turn it into a movie musical. Nitzberg talked with Johnny Depp, movie star and, now movie producer, and Depp agreed to work with him to produce the new musical movie about Michael Jackson's white glove being the alien sexual predator, as the lead role in the movie musical. As they say, 'the rest is history.'

Depp's production company is called Inifinitum Nihil. Nitzberg worked with Depp in the past when he wrote a Tiny Tim biopic which was not named. Because of this, the two have a history of working together.

Michael Jackson
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But, the question remains to be answered, why is the lead role to be played by the white glove Jackson often wore during his shows? Something had to give. They had to keep his name from being slung in the mud about the child sexual abuse allegations, legally, that is without also not eliminating the sexual allegations altogether. So, they came up with the weird idea that the glove he frequently wore, would tell the story while taking the blame for the sexual abuse allegations against him, and the glove is actually an alien from outer space who feeds on 'young virgin boys' blood.'

The whole idea is to have the white glove he wore to tell the story in the musical and to take all of the blame to not just eliminate the allegations against him, yet also not to ruin the pop icon's name. Will it work? That question remains to be answered. Once the musical goes live, in theaters for everyone to see, we will then find out if it works or if it is just another weird musical that flopped.

What do you think about this movie musical? Sound off with your opinions and thoughts on this and let everyone know what you think!x

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