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Colin Kaepernick Set to Make Waves with Own Line of Clothing and Apparel

Gettyimages | Carmen Mandato
By Zachary Holt

Colin Kaepernick's name has most recently been in the headlines for the strange story surrounding his 'planned' workout for NFL scouts, in an attempt to get back into the league. It was a disaster, to say the least. Not that he lacked the physical skills and prowess, but more so, how the situation was handled. Let's just suffice it to say that there were a lot of peculiarities that didn't do much good for his hopes. Now, Kaepernick and Nike have just announced the release of his own line of apparel and shoes. What's included and what are the implications?

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A Black, Generic Jersey


Perhaps one of the most polarizing items within Kaepernick's line of clothing is the jersey, which has already been released to a select few individuals, including Lebron James. The jersey is plain black, with no NFL logos and has Kaepernick's go-to number, 7, along with his name on it. The color of the jersey is worth mentioning, as it's most likely a nod towards his cause of Black Lives Matter and the whole controversy which led to his exit from the NFL. How this jersey will sell and be received, has yet to be determined. But, if high-profile names such as James are repping it, it's safe to say the jersey will sell.

Black and White Air Force One Lows


Before his workout for NFL scouts, Kaepernick provided a sneak peek of the shoes, which follow the Nike Air Force One's Low style and are black and white in color. The tongue of the shoe boasts a block letter K, while the heal features a cartoon illustration of Kaepernick. Nike insists that this new line of shoes is not just meant for football players, but can be worn by athletes and people, alike. Eric Reed, an NFL player who famously joined Kaepernick in the boycott, already has a pair and has been showing them off on social media.

Nike's Statement on Kaepernick's New Line and Influence

Gettyimages | Carmen Mandato

Nike, a huge supporter and brand for Kaepernick, recently came out with a statement in an interview with The Undefeated on why they decided to create a special line for him. Nike stated, "We believe that Colin Kaepernick is one of the most inspirational athletes of this generation, who has leveraged the power of sport to help move the world forward. The jersey marks Nike's continued product collaboration with Colin." From the look of things, Colin has Nike's full support, moving forward.

The Future of Colin Kaepernick


It's unclear whether an NFL team will give Kaepernick the chance to show that he still has the talent to compete in the league at a high level. After all, the talent isn't the issue, it's the PR that will result from the transaction. What is clear, though, is Colin Kaepernick will continue to champion what he believes are important social issues within the country and throughout the world, as a whole. And who better to have you back than a company like Nike.

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