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Cardi B

What TMI Question Does Cardi B Hate Being Asked the Most?

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By Clarissa Wilson

Cardi B recently did an interview with Vogue for their 73 Questions series. That is a lot of questions to ask the rapper and a lot of juicy information we may have not known about her before.

She says there is one question she hates people asking her the most. Cheat Sheet reported about the interview Vogue titled '73 Questions With Cardi B,' of course seeing as how it was a part of their 73 questions with a celebrity series. What question that is TMI to her, does she hate being asked the most?

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Cardi B
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The question she hates being asked so much and is a bit too much information for her is about her butt implants. Yes, she admits she has had butt implants to make her butt bigger. However, she says people are so obsessed with it wanting to know how the process went for her.

She says she is tired of being asked about it and wishes people would just stop talking about it so much, and definitely quit asking her about it.

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The questions asked by Vogue was everything from her baby, Kulture to her rapping career, and even about her romantic relationship with Offset. The question about her butt implants is a common one people, especially her fans, ask about. She just isn't tired of being asked about it but literally hates when people bring it up, questioning her about the process.

Although she has a nice body and isn't afraid to show it, she has a vision for what her body should look like. What she can't get done for her body by working out in the gym, she admits to getting plastic surgery done to fix certain things making her vision for her body a reality.

Cardi B
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A few other things you may not know about Cardi B is that she loves a good debate. She isn't afraid to debate with anyone, especially about current events. She is also political and in her words, she's "feeling the Bern'" which means she is all for Bernie Sanders becoming our next president.

Not many people see Cardi B as someone who is into debating, current events, or even political. However, she is just as down-to-earth as the next one and wishes people would stop seeing her as a stripper in the past and more as a normal person. She also wishes people would engage her in more serious conversation instead of asking about her butt all the time. She doesn't want people to ask her about her body or just talk to her about her body, but start more serious conversations with her.

Cardi B
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One thing is for sure, as with most of us these days, being political and into debating about politics and current events has brought on the heat from fellow celebrities, such as Tomi Lahren on social media.

However, she says, "If you can survive the Bronx, you can survive anywhere."

And, we don't want to forget about her feud with Nicki Minaj that has led to a little bit of violence in the past.

Cardi B can debate with the best of them and a Twitter war about politics doesn't phase her in the least.

Cardi B
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Cardi B has been very open to fans and in her interview's about having plastic surgery. Although she isn't addicted to plastic surgery like many celebrities seem to be, she has had many procedures done. Not only has she gotten butt implants, but she has also admitted to getting breast implants and even liposuction in the past.

However, after the liposuction, she suffered some complications while recovering and she isn't sure she will be getting anything else done via plastic surgery. In fact, she says she will just try much harder at the gym to get her body the way she wants it to avoid the surgery.

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