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Woman Almost Dies and Loses Her Nipples After Horrific Colombian Plastic Surgery

By Ben Robinson III

There's an old saying; the price of beauty is pain. And though that isn't supposed to be taken 100% literally it does hold true for many people. According to the website a 2016 survey gathered information related to the amount of money being spent on plastic surgery and the total cost came in at a whopping $16 billion. A further breakdown reveals that of the most popular procedures are nose jobs, liposuction, breast augmentations, butt augmentations and tummy tucks.

A Florida woman, Lyndsay Colosimo, is one of the millions of Americans who voluntarily elect to have some part of their body augmented, which in this day and age isn't as taboo as it once was. However, the cost of having such procedures done can be astronomical. So Colosimo decided she would take matters into her own hands by cutting the cost of her surgery and getting it done in a different country at an extremely discounted rate. A decision she now regrets.

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Fox News reports that Colosimo had a tummy tuck performed in the US back in 2012 but was no longer pleased with the results. After speaking with two friends who had visited a facility in Colombia for their plastic surgery Colosimo hopped on a flight for the procedure. And she got more than she bargained for.;

“When I got to the clinic, I was advised on a breast reduction and lift too – something I have always wanted but it wasn’t my priority.” She said she went against her gut and went ahead with all three because “you trust the professionals.” But when she woke from the surgery, she immediately began vomiting and her doctor was nowhere to be found.

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Things only worsened from there.

“It continued for a few days and I could see a black spot under my bandage, but I was told it was dried blood and not to worry by medics,” she told Caters, according to The Sun. “I knew in my heart it wasn’t as I was getting worse by the day – eventually I saw what was under the bandage and 30 percent of my nipple was black.”

Colosimo sent her sister in the States a photo of her wounds and after she checked with a doctor Colosimo discovered the tissue around her breast was dead. Though the Colombian medical team insisted everything was fine, which was a lie.

Once Colosimo returned to the States she sought medical attention immediately, which finally confirmed her fears.

Once she got back to the U.S., she went straight to the hospital where she was diagnosed with an E. coli infection in her breast and told she needed more surgery to fix her stomach. She needed a wound vax and her bandages had to be changed by doctors daily, according to Caters. “The infection almost cost me my life – I developed cellulitis and I am still in constant pain at the incision point"

Colosimo now admits she is embarrassed and ashamed and feels like a monster. She also realizes that she was searching for something unattainable in the aftermath of all her medical issues.

“I was seeking perfection but now I look back and realize I was good enough.”

Colosimo has set up a GoFundMe for her rising medical bills.

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