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It Turns Out Captain America Could Lift Thor's Hammer the Whole Time

By Laura Kelly

It was a shock to Marvel Fans everywhere when Captain America himself was able to lift Thor's hammer in the movie, 'Avengers: Endgame.' Up until now, none of the other Avengers on the roster have been deemed "worthy" enough to pick up Mjolnir. Except for Thor himself, of course. Well, in Endgame, Cap apparently built up enough worthy points that he was able to grasp Thor's hammer and help fend off Thanos's attack. And it turns out, Cap always had the power all along.

There was Initial Confusion


Fans were delighted but puzzled by this new development. After all, Mjolnir comes with very specific guidelines. It's written right on the hammer, "Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Until recently, that was limited only to Thor himself. Fans also remember the 2015 movie 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' where several of the teammates decided to try lifting Thor's hammer and see if they were "worthy." Cap was among those who tried, but all ultimately failed. Although unlike the others, Cap was able to move it very slightly before backing off.

Here's the clip if you need a refresher:

Cap Was Just Being Polite

Marvel Studios |

According to Marvel's president, Louis D'Esposito, Cap had the power within him the entire time. He had always been worthy enough to wield Thor's hammer as it was hinted in 'Age of Ultron' when he was the only one to budge it by an inch. The reason Cap didn't pursue it? Good manners, apparently. D'Esposito explained, “It’s Captain America’s turn to try, and you look over to Thor’s face, and he says, ‘I think he might be able to do it,’ but Cap doesn’t pick it up. But Cap could’ve always picked it up. He didn’t want to at that point because it would’ve not been right.”

A Jaw-Dropping Moment

Marvel Studios |

Even with the slight allusion to Cap's worthiness a few movies back, many fans had forgotten, so it came as a major shock. In the film, Thanos is battling it out with Thor and things are not looking good. Thor is just barely hanging on and is unable to summon his always reliable, Mjolnir. But suddenly, the hammer lifts and batters Thanos in the head. Mjolnir goes flying, and who catches it but Cap himself. Thor just grins and says, triumphantly, "I knew it!"

It was a great scene and a perfectly executed moment that excited the fans in the theaters. And for those who were confused by this, well, now you know that Cap was always worthy, he just has exceptionally good manners.

You can watch the whole scene here:

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