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The Most Controversial Members Of The British Royal Family

Gettyimages | Tim Graham
By Sarah Veldman

Queen Elizabeth II has been at the helm of the British royal family since most of us can remember. She has maintained a stiff upper lip, almost never shows emotion in public, never publicly states her opinion, and has barely ever put a panty-hosed foot wrong.

While she expects the other members of her family to fall in line and do the same, this has unfortunately not always been the case. Not only have some members of her majesty's family toed the line, but some of them have also crossed so far past the line, it might as well be a dot on the horizon.

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Princess Diana


Before her death in 1997, she was the most photographed woman in the world, and to this day her face is recognized by just about everyone.

Princess Diana courted a huge amount of controversy in the time she was married to Prince Charles, and for years after their divorce.

The most eyebrow-raising thing she ever did? The infamous BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir in which she admitted to her own infidelity, and spoke of there being "three people" in her marriage to Prince Charles (a not so subtle reference to Camilla Parker Bowles.)

Prince Harry


Diana's son Prince Harry has been involved in quite a bit of controversy himself, and that was all before he married Meghan Markle and things went completely south for him in the press.

Prince Harry's worst moments? Well, that time he wore a Nazi costume to a private party and it ended up on the front page of The Sun newspaper is definitely in the running for the top spot.

Our favorite ginger with a fiery temper to match enjoyed his younger, more carefree days to the fullest with frequent trips to the pubs (from which he was seen stumbling out of).

And, let us not forget that time he played "strip billiards" (is that even a thing?) in Las Vegas because apparently what happens in Vegas, definitely doesn't stay there when you're a member of the British royal family.

Prince Andrew

Gettyimages | Dan Kitwood

Randy Andy has seen his face in the newspapers more times this month than throughout his entire life.

After it came out that he was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, and one of Epstein's sex slaves (Virginia Roberts) accused Prince Andrew of sleeping with her when she was under age, the Prince should have just bought a fake mustache and gone into hiding.

But, his arrogance, unfortunately, got the best of him, and he participated in that infamous BBC interview that got him fired from his own family. I'll bet he has some major regrets now, one of them being the fact that he ever had to go to such a low-class place like Pizza Express. The Horror!

Prince Edward III

Gettyimages | Hulton Deutsch

His picture is probably still hanging on the dartboard at Buckingham Palace, a smattering of holes all over his face from times when the Queen needed to release her pent-up rage.

Prince Edward gave up the throne to his brother George VI so he could marry the great love of his love, Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee, thereby putting Queen Elizabeth II in the line of succession.

Apparently, the British royal family considers this the same as murdering 10 puppies, and he was exiled to France where he spent the remainder of his life with his wife Wallis.

They may come off as traditional and tame, but the British royal family definitely has their fair share of black sheep who like to stir things up occasionally, though at least they keep things interesting within the dusty halls of Buckingham Palace.

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