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Fans Deprived of Seeing Deflated Ronald McDonald Ballon at Macy's Parade

Gettyimages | Kena Betancur
By Laura Kelly

Millions of people look forward to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade every year, and the highlight of the parade has always been the huge, colorful balloons of memorable characters. Parade coordinators have always been mindful of weather conditions on Thanksgiving Day to determine whether their massive balloons will fly in order to ensure safety for all. Fortunately, in recent years, the weather has cooperated and the balloons have been able to fly without a hitch. However, this year, the Ronald McDonald balloon was not so lucky.

The Winds Were A-Blowing

Gettyimages | John Lamparski

Thanksgiving Day was a particularly blustery day this year. There was some concern from parade officials and viewers alike that the winds might prevent the balloons from flying. After a 1997 incident that caused the Pink Panther balloon to collapse and injure a woman, officials have been acting extra cautiously. Probably the last time the balloons didn't fly seemed to be 1971, on a rainy and windy Thanksgiving Day.

However, on the day of the parade, while it was windy, officials determined that the level of wind should be safe enough for the balloons to fly on. But the balloons flew a little closer to the ground this year in order for the handlers to keep control of them.

Ronald McDonald Is Grounded

Gettyimages | Eduardo Munoz Alvarez

While most of the balloons flew without any issue, the same could not be said about the Ronald McDonald balloon. For those who watched the parade on TV, it was announced that the McDonald's mascot had been met with an accident and would be unable to fly. Instead, NBC showed footage of the balloon flying during the past year. The McDonald's float was able to go on without the balloon.

According to reports, the Ronald McDonald balloon's left leg was ripped right off (

Fans Were Disappointed

Gettyimages | Noam Galai

Fans were indeed disappointed not to see Ronald McDonald, but not necessarily for the reasons you would assume. While the sight of a mangled Ronald McDonald must have been terrifying for those onlookers at the parade, the viewers watching the parade at home never saw the image of the fallen fast-food clown.

Viewers seemed more actively frustrated about not witnessing the sight of the partially destroyed clown balloon rather than not seeing him fly at all. According to Twitter, audiences would rather have seen the morbid sight of a disfigured Ronald McDonald than old footage.

Well, if you're still anxious to have some photographic evidence of the fallen Ronald Mc Donald, someone has posted a few images on Twitter where you can check them out.

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