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Meghan Markle Breaking Royal Protocol is the Type of Royal We Need

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By Zachary Holt

The British royal family extends down the line hundreds of years, incorporating unique and esoteric aristocratic protocols. Some of these protocols seemingly don't make sense, at least in today's society. Yet, they're still in place. For someone who didn't grow up in such circumstances, it's easy to understand that there would be no way to know what was kosher and what wasn't. This is exactly what happened to Meghan Markle when she first started visiting and dating Prince Harry in London.

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Giving Hugs: The American Way

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When Meghan Markel first started making her regular trips across the pond, she began to recognize all the service individuals that would approach her as she arrived and assist with things such as taking her bags to her living quarters. After gaining a bit of familiarity with the personnel, she felt it was only necessary to greet them with hugs. According to Royal protocol, this was not something that was normally done, at least with non-related individuals. To Markel, though, she claims that she's American and hugs are the standard go-to for greeting people where she's from.

The Making of a Modern Royal Family

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It's no secret that Markle has been imposing more contemporary ideals to the new sect of the Royal family and Prince Harry has taken notice. Her wholesome and friendly gestures are rubbing off on the prince, as they both now lend a more genial and human character in almost everything they do. Whether that is giving hugs to service personnel or helping children in third-world countries, the royal couple is definitely breaking ground as trailblazers for how modern Royals should act.

Lending Help and Service with More Hugs

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Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently took a trip to South Africa on their tour to assist those in need of help. For Markle, her primary purpose of the visit was to focus on women and girls' empowerment through promoting health, education, and leadership. Both, Meghan and Harry ensured that they would wear minimalistic clothing while insisting that the people of South Africa called them by their first names. And you can bet, there were many hugs to go around, further shifting the narrative for how a modern Royal should act.

Hugging for the Good

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Whether or not the rest of the royal family conducts themselves in the manner that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have makes no difference. The Royal couple has begun to turn the tide and act as a catalyst for how modern royals should act in service, philanthropy, and everyday life. It's safe to say that they will continue to spread love and humanistic values to their staff and to those whom they visit. They seem to understand that it's really simple. Be human.

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