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Jennifer Aniston and an Old Flame Hang Out for Thanksgiving!

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Rachel Green and Jennifer Aniston spent the holiday having the best time of their life with Aniston's old flame and that is shocking. While Green may have been the popular girl in High School, Aniston soon became the center of attention when she featured in a film titled "Friends." For decades now, Aniston's name has made it to social media platforms as she is a talented actress with many admirers. Although she likes to keep to herself, fans always want to know what is happening with her and recently, they were astonished to hear that she hung out with one of her exes for thanksgiving.

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Shocked yet! Aniston is an attractive woman with a long history of relationships, most of which did not pan out at the end of the day. After filming "Friends" series, Aniston became one of the most talked about actresses in the industry and reports revealed that the actress is very pleasant, however, it is easy for people to connect with her. She has two known best friends; Ellen DeGeneres and Reese Witherspoon and the trio often argue on who is a better friend among them.

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Aniston became a preferred actress among many fans so fast that people began to wonder how charming the actress could be. She first opened an Instagram account in October 2019, and before the month came to an end, the actress had over a million followers. Another amazing fact about this talented actress is that she loves thanksgiving period, and she often throws friendsgiving too. Before joining Instagram in October, Aniston talked about her plans for an annual friendsgiving on Jimmy Kimmel's show in December 2018.

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Jimmy Kimmel suggested that she served a different kind of meal instead of the traditional thanksgiving food common to people. So, Aniston came through for Kimmel this year by making him a plate of enchildas to celebrate the holiday. Aside from fulfilling a promise to Kimmel, Aniston invited her ex-husband, Justin Theroux to spend thanksgiving with her. This was surprising to hear because it is rare to see divorced partners who are so cool with each other. Theroux took to his Instagram page later that day to reveal two other famous personalities who were present at the celebration.


Aniston also invited her former co-star from "Friends" and close friend, Courteney Cox to celebrate thanksgiving in a special way. Cox and Aniston have been very good friends for as long as we can remember. Cox also shared a lovely video on Instagram where she was heard telling Aniston that she loves her and fans were overwhelmed.

It is okay to say that Aniston had the best time of her life with her lovely friends who were there to spend thanksgiving with her. Friends are important in every person's life.

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