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By Ben Robinson III

Long gone are the days when people went to bars in hopes of finding true love. Nowadays one need not even leave the comfort of their own home since dating sites like Tinder and OK Cupid can be downloaded to our phones for instant gratification. And this is also the case with, which has been around since 1995 and has only increased in popularity since that time. However, sometimes when you choose to connect with people via digital dating services you can never be sure who they really are.

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This was the case when, according to Fox News, a thirty-four-year-old man by the name of John Martin Hill swindled a lonely widow out of thousands of dollars after meeting her on the dating site He used his charm and good looks to woo her and then left her behind with a heavy heart and heavy debt. It's a sad tale of someone preying on a lonely woman looking for love, however prior to his arrest Hill had been doing this for years.

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From Fox News;

"In 2011, Hill was arrested by the West Long Branch police department in New Jersey on "several outstanding warrants and charged him with three counts of theft by deception," according to the Long Branch-Eatontown Patch. Hill was accused of taking money from young women after claiming to be an executive and advertising a job on Craigslist. "Hill made claims of being a CEO and owner of a company that specialized in obtaining scholarships for high school athletes," Capt. Larry Mihlon told Patch."

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Though many would have learned their lesson from that initial fiasco Hill tried his luck once again, only this time it lead to more dire consequences.

Hill convinced the woman -- a widow with three children -- that he was a millionaire and in love with her. They decided to wed within a week of meeting on the dating site, and Hill told her the $80,000 he took from her would go toward their dream home, as well as some furniture. Cpl. Michele Pihera told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that once the woman gave Hill the money, she never heard from him again. The woman also didn't know that Hill was reportedly already living in an apartment nearby with another woman and child and had only $6 to his name.

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Luckily for future victims Hill was apprehended and on Wednesday he plead guilty to one count of theft by taking and one count of perjury. Now Hill's days on are over since he'll be serving a seven years sentence followed by thirteen years of probation afterwards. It's a fitting end for someone who preyed on the hearts of women merely looking for love. Hopefully the lesson he comes away with is that no matter what you do the law will always eventually find you and justice will be served.

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