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Lori Loughlin Will Not Be In The Mood For Celebrating The Holidays This Year

Gettyimages | Paul Marotta
By Sarah Veldman

When looking at everything Lori Loughlin is dealing with right now, it makes one wonder if she is asking herself, "was it all really worth it?"

Lori, and her husband Mossimo Giannulli are currently preparing to fight a court battle that will start in just seven weeks time.

It seems there won't be much festive cheer going on in their household this Christmas, and it's quite unclear how 2020 will go for them. I wonder if Lori is busy making any New Years' resolutions?

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She's Going Through Grueling Mock Trials

Gettyimages | Boston Globe

It's been reported that Lori is going through grueling mock trials with her lawyers as she prepares to take the stand in what will be an extremely heated cross-examination.

A source told Us Weekly, “Lori has been meeting with her lawyers for days at a time. It’s her full-time job and she is very involved with her defense. When not at her lawyer’s office, Lori is emailing and texting with the team.”

Clearly she is thinking about the case 24/7, with the prospect of going to jail for an extended period of time a real threat.

No Celebrations This Year

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The Us Weekly source continued, “Her lawyer plays the prosecutor, grilling her,” said the source. The source also noted that the sessions are grueling."

While it's not only Thanksgiving, it's also the wedding anniversary of the couple, though they clearly have nothing to celebrate this year, with everything fun or entertaining being put on hold.

A source told People, "Their anniversary is the last thing on their mind, as they're trying to figure out their legal options and the case against them. They're unified and working together to fight these charges, but they’re not really in a celebration mood, as far as I can tell."


With the lack of celebrating anything, does that mean no eggnog at Christmas this year? And, what about a festive tree?

The People source continued, "It's all business, all the time with them as they move through this. Anything they do will be low-key and just between the two of them."

So, I guess that's a no.

Apparently the sad atmosphere has not held back Lori's husband who was recently seen looking laid back and smiling as he played a round of golf. Perhaps, he's trying to soak up some sun before he ends up in prison?

She Regrets Not Taking The Plea Deal

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Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli have been accused of paying a total of 500,000$ to William Singer as a bribe to get their daughters into USC.

While Lori initially plead not guilty, sources have claimed she regrets not taking the initial plea deal she was offered.

The source told People, "But taking the deal would have admitted guilt, and she believes she was duped by unscrupulous people who enriched themselves off her. It is her position that she was not some sort of criminal mastermind. She just wanted what was best for her daughters. And it has turned into an ongoing nightmare."

Maybe she would have been better off just helping her daughters with their college application essays? That seems a much less stressful route.

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