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Fans Defend Meghan Markle In Reponse to Hate Comments from Her Uncle

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By Natalie Hunter

Meghan Markle's uncle had some not-so-nice things to say about the duchess. This isn't the first time that Markle's had family drama. She had specifically asked that her dad not be present for the wedding.

Things aren't looking so great with the in-laws either. The Royal family is falling apart at the seams after Prince Andrew was asked to step down from his royal duties after an incriminating interview about his relationship with Jeff Epstein. Meghan's decision to steal Harry for Thanksgiving didn't seem to help either.

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Meghan isn't exactly on the best terms with Kate either. Her uncle has something to say about that and how she's been treating her family after becoming a Royal. He accused Meghan Markle of being immature.

"It could be that that’s part of the problem she’s having with her sister-in-law. Meghan is immature in some ways. I feel that because of the way she acts — not only towards family members but other people," Meghan's uncle told UK site The Sun.

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However, fans, aren't having any of it. They took to social media to defend the duchess and throw kind words her way.

One fan wrote her an inspirational message, “We don't have to agree to love someone. She has moved on from that family to create her own family. It’s not where you start in life but where you end up."

“This is bizarre - if he were my virtual uncle, I’d be heartbroken by his behavior," one wrote sympathetically.

"WTF is wrong with Meghan Markle’s family? Why would she want a relationship with a family who keeps giving interviews trashing her publicly. She can’t have private relationships with people who constantly run to the press.#meghanmarkle," a fan tweeted

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“Meghan get your uncle some help please," one fan wrote.

“We all have a ‘crazy uncle," another fan wrote jokingly.

“Meghan, what is he doing? And why?" another fan asked via social media.

According to Express, Meghan's uncle is 80 years old and the oldest brother on her father's side. Mr. Markle also had a government title. He served as a US diplomat before retiring.

While fans are concerned for Meghan, she has too much on her plate to be concerned by estranged family members.


Meghan and Harry are pregnant with their second child. Markle announced the pregnancy in February. They currently have one son named Archie who was born only five months ago. There are even talks that the royal couple might have their baby in the United States. A Royal family member being born in the US will only add fuel to the drama fire.

Markle is also not unfamiliar with criticism. Not only is she an American Royal, but she is the first person of color to be a Royal.

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