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Savannah Guthrie Was Involved In An Accident And Has Suffered A Severe Eye Injury

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Savannah Guthrie who was absent for an episode of "Today" show last week finally revealed what happened to her. According to the media personality, her son hit her eye with the pointed edge of a toy and this immediately caused a temporary impaired vision. The 2-year-old boy threw a toy train at his mom while she was not looking and it hit her eye immediately, causing a serious eye injury. This was why she could not make it to the show.

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After visiting the hospital, her doctor expressed his concern for her eye injury as it may have damaged her retina. The television anchor had to go through a series of laser treatments to make sure that the tear was sealed up. According to her, these laser treatments were important to keep the retina from tearing and to avoid major eye surgery. She also explained that her doctors told her to be careful from now on as she could no longer afford a tear as that could leave her vision completely impaired.

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Although she went through a lot of pain during the laser treatment, Guthrie is positive that her eye will be fine and she would not have to go through any major surgery in the future. The 42-year-old mom explained that her child who is only two has no idea that he almost cost her, her eye, but she would not make him feel bad about it. Another medical expert from NBC gave further analysis of Guthrie's eye and explained that she had to be very careful, to keep the retina from detaching.

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Guthrie has talked about returning to work and says that she just needs a couple of days to get herself together. The show anchor tried to lighten the mood when she cracked a few puns to make everyone laugh including herself. We wish Guthrie a full recovery soon.

Savannah Clark Guthrie was born on December 27, 1971 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. She is a broadcast journalist who has been active from 1993 till date. She was a legal analyst and correspondent at NBC News in 2007 and the following year, she became the White House's correspondent too.

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She bagged an MBA in journalism from the University of Arizona in 1993 and became part of the Arizona Alpha chapter. In 2002, she graduated with a Juris Doctor Degree from Georgetown University Law Center. Later on, she was initiated into the Order of the Coif.

While she was covering Michael Jackson's trial. Guthrie met Mark Orchard, a BBC News presenter. After divorcing his wife, Anne Kornblut, Guthrie and Orchard began a relationship. Although the got married in December 2005, the couple did not last. Presently, she is married to a communications consultant, Michael Feldman and they have two beautiful children.

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