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'RHOC': Will Kelly Dodd and Tamra Judge Kiss and Makeup in Miami?

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Natalie Hunter

On November 26th's episode of 'Real Housewives of Orange County', the ladies change venues from the OC to the Miami heat. During Braunwynn's X-rated "breastfeeding free" party, she invited the ladies to Miami. she wanted an opportunity to explain to the ladies where her "wild and crazy" comes from. If you ask Vicki, there's definitely a need to justify the strippers. She explains to Sean, "If you can't have fun in Miami, there's something wrong with you." All of the ladies are invited.

Giphy | T. Kyle

Including Kelly Dodd, who hasnt' exactly been getting along with the other ladies. While Kelly is reluctant, Braunwynn persuades Kelly to come to try to repair her relationship with the three amigos.

So entire housewives cast packed their bags and flew east for Miami. The ladies arrived in style riding in convertible Maseratis. Now, that's an entrance. When they arrived at the hotel there was surprisingly no Ramon Singer style drama over who would stay in each room. However, peace does not last.


The ladies hit Miami's hottest nightclub for a night out. While these women may be in their 50's, they know how to party like they're 20. They stayed up until 4 AM partying in Miami's hottest clubs.

Even though they were partying, it doesn't mean that the whole night was just laughs and fun. Not only was Vicki set on slut-shaming Tamra Judge, Kelly Dodd came at the three amigos with fierce determination. It doesn't look like Kelly and Tamra will kiss and makeup anytime soon.


But Tamra did lock lips with another housewife! Vicki had to tear Emily and Tamra apart from their makeout session.

Kelly kept trying to ask why they [Shannon, Vicki, and Tamra] were mad at her. The ladies did a good job warding off Kelly's attacks by blaming the club's loud atmosphere claiming they couldn't hear her. A solid power move.

Their strong defense didn't discourage Dodd. Upon returning to the hotel, Kelly continued down her war path by insulting Gina's hair extensions.

Giphy | T. Kyle

She also used this as an opportunity to come at Shannon's hair claiming that her extensions "looked like sh*t."

Shannon finally lost her composure and snapped at Kelly. She begged her to stop and leave her alone.

While Kelly Dodd listened to that suggestion initially the next day, the peace didn't last long. Braunwynn encouraged Kelly to make up with the other girls. When Kelly called Shannon over to talk it out, things went south fast. The two began yelling and Tamra joined right in.

The feud ended with Tamra storming off yelling to Kelly, "keep making money sucking d*ck!"

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