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Camila Cabello Shares Thoughts On A Caller's Question About PDA, Say She Feels Attacked!

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How celebrities deal with people giving them opinions on their love life and how they act is very amazing. While some fans go over the top with their advice, some may just be trying to look out for their favorite. Camila Cabello experienced first hand what it felt like for a fan to talk to her about PDA, and she says that it felt like an attack. Is this true or is Cabello being extra? That is exactly what we are about to find out.

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Camila Cabello as she is often called became very good friends with Shawn Mendes before they teamed op for the "Senorita" song. As time went on, their friendship progressed into a relationship and they soon became one of the most talked-about couples in the pop music world. Some non-fans believe that the duo is only pulling the relationship string as a publicity stunt, Cabello has shown several times that she is in a real relationship with Mendes. Since 2014, there have been hints that this couple will eventually date, but these signs were only noticed in early 2018.

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While Cabello and Mendes may be one of the cutest couples in the industry, some fans believe that they are a little extra when it comes to PDA. Cabello reportedly loves it when her boyfriend refers to her as Senorita and kisses her in public, but this is not going down well with some fans. Recently, on BBC Radio 1, Cabello sat down with Greg James and discussed the opinion she got from one of the show's listeners. According to the fan, she did not like when couples engage in excessive PDA on social media as it felt weird to her. Little did she know that Cabello is an unofficial fan of PDA.

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Hearing this complain from the fan, Cabello mentioned that she felt attacked in every regard. The "Living Proof" singer expressed her feelings towards PDA and it was clear that she was not really a fan of the gesture. However, since she started dating co-singer, Mendes, they have locked lips in several public places, some of which made it to social media. One of the prominent PDA that they engaged in was at the Clippers game in Los Angeles. The couple was engaged in a steamy make-out session and they had no idea that cameras were on them.

Also, who could forget their fantastic performance at the 2019 American Music Awards?

Putting aside her feelings, Cabello came to understand what the fan was driving at when it came to excessive PDA. To lighten the mood around her, Cabello gave a profound shout out to the paparazzi who always made her look breath-taking in her PDA pictures with Shawn Mendes.

Is PDA that weird among couples on social media? What would you do if your partner does not like PDA? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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