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Is Lamar Jackson the Best Quarterback the NFL Has Ever Seen?

Gettyimages | Todd Olszewski
By Zachary Holt

In the long and rich history of the NFL, there have been quarterbacks that defied odds and cemented themselves as the best to ever play the game. The likes of Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Peyton Manning, and currently, Tom Brady, come to mind. But the 2019 NFL season is proving to be a coming-out party for Lamar Jackson as quite possibly the best quarterback ever to play in the league and here is why.

First Quarterback to Throw for 3,000 Passing Yards and Rush for 1,500 Yards in First Two Seasons

In today's NFL climate, it's not enough for quarterbacks to simply stand back in the pocket and throw touchdowns. Defenses have become highly complex and the need for variation and the threat of a run from quarterbacks is now necessary. This is where Jackson has blossomed, and at the right time. His sheer speed, athleticism, and ability to extend plays has made him unfathomably dangerous. What's even scarier is the number of games left to be played in the season, which should further pad his already outrageous stats.

Five Touchdown Passes in First Monday Night Football Game

While not necessarily an indicator of being the best NFL quarterback of all time, but more of foreshadowing of what's to come, Jackson and the Baltimore Raven strolled into Los Angeles to play the vaunted Rams defense and left with an emphatic victory. As for fans and media members around the country? Bewilderment. Pure, unadulterated bewilderment. Not so much from the score, because that was also astonishing, but from the ease to which Jackson surgically dissected the Rams' defense and tore them apart with devasting runs.

AFC Offense Player of the Week Four Times Midway through the Season

When attempting to objectively analyze whether a player is elite or just average, the sample size of their work must be expanded. It's easy for NFL quarterbacks to have success in certain games here and there, against teams under 0.500. The real measure is consistency and against teams that present challenges, defensively. This is what Jackson has continually done throughout the whole season. It's no surprise, then, that he was just awarded his fourth AFC Offense Player of the Week award, something that has rarely been done, even with shoo-in hall of famers. Keep in mind, we are not even close to the end of this football season and Jackson is sure to add to that list.

On Pace to Shatter Previous Quarterback Single-Season Rushing Records

When the term 'rushing quarterback' is mentioned, oftentimes the name Michael Vick is thrown around, no pun intended. Vick has been the standard for years of what a rushing quarterback should emulate, at least in the stat column. There may never be an NFL quarterback that can mimic the shiftiness and evasive running that Vick provided. As it stands right now, Jackson is on pace to not only break Vick's single-season rushing record but blow it out of the water, setting a new standard for what it means to rush the football as a quarterback in the NFL.

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