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Travis Scott May Be Moving On From Baby Mama, Kylie Jenner! How True Is That?

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By Favour

When you see headline news that mentions either Travis Scott or Kylie Jenner, then you know that drama is lurking. The duo became parents for the first time on February 1, 2018, to Stormi, after which they split up. Although they have handled co-parenting excellently as there is no drama there, their feelings for each other are complicated. Recently, they announced that they would be spending the holiday together with Stormi to help them bond with her and everyone was excited about this news.

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However, fans misread them spending the holidays together as trying to come back as reports have alleged that Scott wants to move on with his life. Sometimes, it is not the easiest decision to leave someone you share a child with, but several things have gone wrong with this ex-couple and it is the high time one of them takes the higher road. Since their split, Jenner has remained focused on her business and child and has not entertained any thoughts of dating again.

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However, it was alleged that Jenner may be involved with popular rapper, Drake, but no one knows how that ship could have sailed. Drake is a profound rapper in the industry and one who keeps to himself, so hooking up with Jenner seems a bit odd. Some fans believe that Jenner is only using Drake to make her baby daddy jealous, but no one has come forwards with concrete proof.

Scott, on the other hand, has not publicly shown affection for anyone, but no one can conclude on his lifestyle, seeing that his cheating scandal led to the break-up between him and the mother of his baby.

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Presently, the news going round social media about this duo is that Travis Scott is reportedly moving on from Kylie Jenner. The alleged reports also say that the rapper wants to start seeing other people, but that does not mean he does not love Jenner. How confusing is love?

This is not coming as a shock to anyone because of the circumstances surrounding their break-up in the first place. However, some news outlets revealed that the duo was only taking a break with one another and were not finally over.

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With the make-up mogul now reportedly dating Drake, it seems like Scott has taken this to be his cue out of her life. While we are not sure that this ship has finally wrecked, everyone is happy that they are great at their parenting jobs. So far, there has been no dispute of any kind between them and they seem to be putting Stormi's interest first. Stormi may not have two-parent who are in love at the moment, but she is lucky to have two parents who would do anything in the world for her.

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