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Prince Andrew and Prince Charles: A Royal Showdown

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By Sarah Veldman

Prince Andrew is in the doghouse at Buckingham Palace, and Prince Charles is now back in the country for a right royal showdown!

Prince Andrew has been in the headlines every single day now, and it seems the Jeffrey Epstein scandal is following him around like a dark cloud that just won't stop raining.

After his car crash BBC interview, which he made to "clear his name" aired, it looked like he dug himself such a big hole he probably woke up in China.

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Prince Charles and Prince William Are Pulling The Strings

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Prince Charles has been on a royal tour of New Zealand and the Soloman Islands while most of this has been going down, but he is said to be furious with Prince Andrew at the fallout (especially as it has completely overshadowed the tour he's been working so hard on.) Now, it seems, he will summon Prince Andrew for a royal rumble or at least a very stern talk.

It has been reported that Prince Charles and Prince William were the main people pulling the strings in getting Prince Andrew ousted from public duties and forced into retirement (we're still surprised he hasn't yet been exiled to France.)

Charles is Furious

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A "family friend" recently told Vanity Fair, “Make no mistake, Charles is furious. I imagine he will feel that Andrew has let the family down and that he misled his mother over the interview, and in doing so has compromised the Queen. He’s not always firm with his sons, William and Harry, but he’ll take a tough line with Andrew. He will also be furious that the story has totally overshadowed his working tour, and he’ll let rip, but he will have a strategy.”

Prince William And Prince Charles Are Protecting The Monarchy


The Prince Andrew scandal has given many royal watchers an indication of who is really running the family firm, and it seems Prince William and Prince Charles are at the top of the pack, which makes sense, being that they are next in line to the throne.

A source told The Sunday Times, “William is becoming more and more involved in decisions about the institution, and he’s not a huge fan of his uncle Andrew.”

Both William and Kate are said to be relieved that Prince Andrew has been forced out of public duties, as it was calling the entire monarchy into question, something they cannot afford in their futures.

Worry For Prince Andrew's Daughters

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Amid all this controversy, Prince Andrew is said to be extremely worried about what this scandal will mean for his two daughters going forward.

Another source told Vanity Fair, “He knows what’s coming from Charles, but his first thought is for the girls and how this is impacting them. Andrew will do everything he can to protect them and make sure they are looked after, and to his credit, Charles is very fond of Beatrice and Eugenie and has always been kind to them.”

What will come next in this developing saga? I guess we'll have to tune in to next week's episode!

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