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French Montana

French Montana Reveals Video Showing He is Still in the Hospital: Has Been in ICU for 6 Days

Gettyimages | Steven Ferdman
By Clarissa Wilson

Six days ago Morrocan/American rapper, French Montana was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. According to reports, the cops were first called to his residence in Calabasas, California because of a robbery in progress. Or so they thought. However, when they got there, there was no robbery taking place but Montana was acting funny.

The police noticed he was acting like he was ill so they called an ambulance for the rapper. Once at the hospital, it was revealed that Montana had been traveling between different countries during a six-day period.

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French Montana
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It was also revealed that the rapper had traveled to four different countries with a six-day period. It was also determined by medical professionals that because of his rapid travels, he was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, stomach pains, and an irregular heartbeat. Because of this, he is to stay in the ICU, which he has been in for six days now, for as long as it takes for him to get better. Medical staff wants to monitor him closely until he recovers from everything.

French Montana
Gettyimages | Randall Michelson

Although we all knew he was rushed to the hospital, no one apparently knew he was actually in the ICU and for six days already. That is until he took a video of himself being hooked up to the different machines and monitors in his hospital room, that he had shared with fans. Although it has since been deleted.

According to Pop Culture, when the police first responded to the 911 call for a so-called robbery, and they didn't see any such thing happening, they did see the rapper acting weird and thought he was intoxicated at first.

French Montana
Gettyimages | Kevin Mazur

However, they soon realized that he was sick and needed medical attention. The police were the ones to call for an ambulance for Montana to be taken to the hospital immediately.

Since some of his famous friends found out he had been rushed to the hospital and is actually so sick he is in the ICU and has been for six days so far with no signs of a release yet, some of them rushed to visit him. One visit was from a friend and fellow rapper, Megan Thee Stallion. Megan visited him and then went to Instagram to report to her followers that French was still in the ICU and still sick but in good spirits.

French Montana
Gettyimages | Shareif Ziyadat

Megan also created a video of herself telling Montana to get better and to get out of the hospital soon. She could be heard in the video saying, "Get your motherf——ass out this motherf—— bed and go home!"

She then added, "They can't keep a real n— down." Then she wrote "I love you" across the video. All of this made Montana laugh so he must be starting to feel better a little and since he is in good spirits, that's a good thing, right?

French Montana
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It wasn't too long ago that Montana spoke out about fellow rapper and friend, Mac Miller's death. The late rapper had overdosed on cocaine and Fentanyl.

Montana said about Miller, "Sometimes if people don't have people that keep them grounded it can go left. I just feel like they let him get away with whatever he chooses to do. If I was there that night ... if I was around him a couple more nights, I would have made him stop. But he didn't have nobody that was doing that."

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