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Fashion Nova Hit With Lawsuit Over Copycat J.Lo Dress

Gettyimages | Vittorio Zunino Celotto
By Ben Robinson III

Jennifer Lopez will forever be known as an icon of style and timeless beauty, since she's barely aging and always remains dressed in the most breathtaking fashions. And many will remember a time many moons ago when she shocked her old fans (and made some new ones) once she stepped out in a very revealing green floral gown created by Donatella Versace during the 42nd annual Grammy awards in 2000. The dress is a certified moment in pop culture history, but did you know J. Lo wasn't the first to wear it?

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Prior to J. Lo wearing the dress that made everyone's jaw drop the same dress had already made its rounds a few times on a few different celebrities. Model Amber Valletta wore it during a Versace fashion show and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell also wore the dress to an awards ceremony a month prior to J. Lo's Grammy appearance. Even Versace herself donned the gown for a Met Gala in 1999. However, once J. Lo got a hold of the dress the rest was history and a star was born.

Gettyimages | Amy Sussman/SHJ2019

Now almost twenty years later J. Lo looks even younger than she did back in the day and as a way of letting everyone know how she stays super fly she broke out the dress and wore it again. According to Oprah Magazine;

Jennifer Lopez wore the dress to close the jungle-themed Versace Spring 2020 runway show at Milan Fashion Week. Okay, technically it's a re-imagined version, but it looks quite similar—and it's clear J.Lo hasn't really changed any more than the plunging garment has.

Attempting to capitalize on the legendary nature of the gown Fox News reports that knock-off specialists Fashion Nova have created their own version of the gown as a Halloween costume, and it pales in comparison to the original. However, at $69 a pop, the price looks AMAZING! Still, the legal team at Versace aren't having any of this foolishness, and they have decided a lawsuit was in order.

In the litigation, Versace is said to have blasted Fashion Nova as a “serial infringer specializing in 'fast-fashion' knock-offs,” TMZ reports. Officials for Versace have allegedly claimed that the trendy brand ignored a warning from their company over the issue in July, and they’ve been left with no choice but to sue Fashion Nova for all profits off of Versace replica designs.

Courtesy Fox News/Fashion Nova

Although the dress comes as part of a collection of Halloween costumes linked to a few famous ladies like Lil' Kim, Cardi B and departed fashion icons Aaliyah and Selena Versace doesn't care. They want all the past and future profits the company has made off of their design, though a quick glance over at Fashion Nova's website suggests they may have already taken the costume down. Smart move, since Versace is one of the biggest fashion houses in the world. If Fashion Nova keeps playing with them they'll be selling their knockoffs out of the back of a truck once Versace crushes them in court.

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