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Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye From 'Punky Brewster' Says Demi More Helped Deliver All of Her Children

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By Clarissa Wilson

'Punky Brewster' stole everyone's hearts more than 30 years ago when the show aired between 1984 and 1988. Soleil Moon Frye was the little girl who played 'Punky.' The show was about a single dad, played by George Gaynes, who fosters and raises this little girl by himself.

Now it has been 35 years since the show first aired and that little girl, Soleil Moon Frye, is all grown up. There is a reboot of the show coming on and fans will love it just as much as they did, or more when the show focused on a child being raised by a single foster dad.


Being all-grown-up now at 43-years-old, Frye will play in the reboot as well, according to Fox News. She will play a single mother, newly divorced, who is trying to raise her children by herself and get her life back together.

Soleil Moon Frye has a lot to be thankful for these days and with Thanksgiving coming up, what would be a better time than now to reflect on these great things happening in her life?

One thing, as previously mentioned, she is starring in the reboot of the old show, 'Punky Brewster.' Not only this but because they are bringing back the show which is focusing on an adult 'Punky' this time, they are also bringing back all of the old characters from the older version.

Soleil Moon Frye
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Also, Frye is going to be starring in the Lifetime Holiday movie, 'Staging Christmas,' a role of a lifetime for the former child star. She is also close friends with Demi Moore in real life who has been there with her through everything. Even helping deliver Frye's four children.

Frye said about Moore, "Demi is incredible! She helped my four babies come into the world and she is just a miracle worker. She was there with me every step of the way. And she really keeps me so grounded and was so comforting to me throughout those experiences. And I love her from the bottom of my heart."

She continues, "I mean, literally I always say that Demi must have been the doctor in her past life because she is really miraculous when it comes to bringing babies into the world. It's a little secret, not such a secret now because I keep telling everybody I know. I'm like, "She brought all the babies."

Soleil Moon Frye
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According to Frye, on playing the grown-up 'Punky Brewster' in the upcoming reboot of the beloved old show, grown-up 'Punky' is rediscovering her inner child. And, although she has her own children, a little girl comes into her life and reminds 'Punky' of herself when she was her age.

In the remake of the show, Frye plays a newly divorced and newly single mother trying to raise her children alone. Although she still gets help from her ex-husband, played by Freddie Prince Jr.

Soleil Moon Frye
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Also, Frye tells Fox News during an interview talking about everything that has happened in her life since playing the role of 'Punky Brewster' and about the great things coming soon for her, that the former married couple in the show still has a lot of chemistry together and you can tell there are still some feelings between them.

Frye says working with Prince Jr. was amazing and he is a real gentleman. She also knew Prince Jrs. wife, Sarah Michelle Gellar when the two were children and says it was fun seeing her again too.

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Frye also talks good things about her Christmas movie coming out soon. She says starring in a Christmas movie was on her list of things to do and she is so thrilled to get the chance to do it.

Don't miss the premiere of the movie, 'Staging Christmas' which airs on November 29 at 8:00 pm on Lifetime.

The movie is a love story. Frye says it also has the Holiday spirit and that magical Christmas glow about it. She says it is a sweet story and was very fun for her to do. She says starring in this movie really was a dream come true for her.

What do you think about the reboot of 'Punky Brewster?' Sound off with your thoughts on this and everything else Soleil Moon Frye has going on in the comments section and let everyone know what you think!

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