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One Of The Stars From 'Vanderpump Rules' Tried To Start A War With Perez Hilton And It Didn't Go Well

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By Ben Robinson III

For many years readers have been looking towards celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton for his constant snarky information via his website as well as his other media ventures including a podcast and YouTube channels. However, not everyone is a fan of the very outspoken Hilton, who has been known to rub people the wrong way with his style of reporting. And one of those people, reality television star Jax Taylor from 'Vanderpump Rules', had a few questions pertaining to Hilton and his brand of reporting.

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Taylor is best known as a male model, who at one time shared an apartment with Magic Mike actor Channing Tatum. Soon Taylor found himself employed at Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump's SUR, which ultimately led to him snagging a role on the show since its premiere in January 2013. He has turned his success into many business ventures and made quite the name for himself since that time. However, what made him want to start a beef with Hilton?

According to Showbiz Cheatsheet for whatever reason Taylor began asking a series of questions regarding Perez Hilton and the way he chooses to do his reporting. Though he decided to take a different approach by commenting on Hilton's appearance and wondering why he talks so bad about celebrities.

“All this dude does is make fun of people's looks… Seriously.” Taylor didn’t leave it there when it came to commenting on Hilton. He later tweeted a response to a comment that Hilton is better off making fun of himself. “This should be the last man on earth ever making fun of someone’s looks, honestly…”

Taylor added;

“Telling people they look ugly and do drugs when you look like the way he does, I mean how can you not just laugh at this complete idiot. Is he serious? People pay him for that? I don’t even know who he is?”

Taylor then asked for the gay community's thoughts on the subject and many were quick to agree with his point of view. But Hilton was the one who got the last laugh when he finally caught wind of Taylor's unexpected online beef.

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Hilton addressed the insult quickly on Instagram as only he could.

Hilton knew that Taylor was shading him and responded with his own shade. “@MrJaxTaylor from Vanderpump Rules didn’t even have the balls to @ me! I haven’t talked s--t about people’s physical appearance since 2010. I do have opinions, however, about s--t people – like Jax,” Hilton wrote.

He added

The hypocrisy of attacking my looks for the same thing he falsely accused me of is lost on him. No one has ever accused Jax Taylor of being smart! I would sincerely like to thank him for promoting my TikTok. It’s lit!

Clearly Hilton has chosen to take the high road, somewhat. And perhaps this will serve as a very valuable lesson for Taylor to choose his online sparring partners more wisely next time

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