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The Fab Four Have A Complicated Relationship: How Did It Get Here?

Gettyimages | Stephen Pond
By Sarah Veldman

Another day, another drama for the British Royal Family. The ongoing, rumored feud between The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge and The Duke and Duchess Of Sussex has been complicated, going from heated to frosty daily. In the run-up to their May 2018 wedding, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were beyond stressed.

Not only were they planning a wedding that would be watched by millions of viewers around the world, but Meghan was facing enormous family drama, and this placed a great deal of stress on her shoulders.

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Family Drama On Both Sides Before The Wedding

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Her father was caught colluding with paparazzi, and in the end, did not walk her down the aisle. Meghan's mother Doria was her only family member sitting in the church that day, after many of her other family members spoke out about her in the press (the loudest being her half-sister Samantha Markle.)

However, it appears there was some other drama going on behind closed doors before the wedding, and it involved Prince Harry's family.

It was rumored that Prince William had expressed concerns about Meghan, with a source telling The Sun, “William told his brother they knew nothing about her background, her intentions, what she was really like. He just wanted to stress that becoming part of the Royal Family is a massive undertaking and the pressure and scrutiny are unrelenting. Was Meghan the right one?”

Apparently, upon hearing his brother's concern, Prince Harry went ballistic.

Things Started Out Friendly Between Meghan And Kate

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While marrying into a new family can be difficult for anyone, joining the most famous family in the world can be downright terrifying. Most people thought Kate and Meghan would bond over their shared roles, being that they are both normal women who married a prince. With the sisters-in-law both being outsiders, they were keen to make the relationship work.

A source told UsWeekly that Meghan was hoping for a close friendship with Kate. Apparently, she even brought her a a Smythson dayplanner as a gift, and Kate was very touched by the gesture.

Things took a turn however, when it was rumored that Meghan had made Kate cry during a dress fitting for Princess Charlotte before the royal wedding. There was also a huge amount of speculation that Kate was not in agreement with the way Meghan treated members of staff.

The True Rift May Be Between Prince William and Prince Harry

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In an effort to quell rumors of a rift, the two royal couples walked to church together on Christmas morning in 2018, with the sisters-in-law chatting amiably and putting on a display of solidarity. While it's a common (and annoying) occurrence for women to be pitted against each other, it seems that it might not be Kate and Meghan who are truly feuding after all.

This year, there has been intense speculation that the true royal rift is between Prince Harry and Prince William.

Neither Couple Is Trying To Mend The Relationship

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While speculation about the feud between Prince William and Prince Harry has reached a fever pitch, neither brother seems to have done much to stop the rumors. In fact, in an interview for the documentary Meghan and Harry: An African Journey, Prince Harry made his feelings about William quite clear, saying the two are on "different paths."

Now that the Sussexes have left Kensington Palace to start their own royal household, as well as splitting from the Royal Foundation of which they were all part of, it seems neither couple is making any effort to mend the rift.

Prince Harry and Meghan have recently announced they will not be spending Christmas at Sandringham. So, if anything, it seems the distance is growing even bigger between them.

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