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Relationship Rumors Spark Between Kendall Jenner And Ex-Family Friend, Jordyn Wood's Ex-Boyfriend

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Kendall Jenner, one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan was born, Kendall Nicole Jenner on November 3, 1995 in Los Angeles, California. She is a media personality and successful fashion model. Jenner has kept a low-key life even though he family is constantly involved in public drama as she focuses on her career and life in general. The model's net worth is valued at $40 million and she is regarded as one of the most successful models int he industry. Although she has dated some guys, none has stuck.

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However, recently, rumors have been going about that Jenner is romantically involved with Fai Khadra, who happens to be Jordyn Woods' ex-boyfriend. Let us refresh your memories about who Woods is and how she is related to the Jenner's. Last year, Woods and Kylie Jenner were the inseparable best friends who did almost everything together. Woods was there for Kylie when she was pregnant, till she gave birth and the duo often went on vacations together. However, it was revealed that Woods was sexually involved with Kylie's sister's boyfriend and father of her baby, Tristan Thompson.

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This came as a big surprise to everyone because Woods was a family friend who had hooked up with her best friend's sister's boyfriend. This topic made the trends for several weeks as people could not fathom what was going through Jordyn Woods' head at the time. After much debate, Kylie decided to cut Woods off because as they say; sisters over anyone. However, reports say that the duo are working out their relationship but it will take time for them to be on the same page again.

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However, it seems like the calm seas is about to be stirred again as Kendall Jenner is reportedly hanging out with her co-model, Fai Khadra, who once dated Jordyn Woods. Is this karma or just a coincidence? We will find out more soon.

Fans are not sure if the news is real, as the model has boldly come out to say that she does not have a boyfriend at the moment. Jordyn Woods received backlash for hooking up with someone from the family and Jenner is almost pulling the same move.

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No doubt, the chemistry between Jenner and Khadra is mind-blowing and no one will stop them from being together, but this will raise questions from fans all over social media.

Khadra and Jenner have known each other for a long time, but this is the first time that anyone's heard about a potential love spree between them. The first time fans were suspicious about the duo was when they showed up as guests at Justin Bieber's wedding. Another incident took place on Instagram when Jenner talked about starting a family with the model.

What is really going on and do you think Kendall Jenner is making the right move?

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