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Wendy WIlliams Had Some Shady Words For Taylor Swift After Her 'Artist of the Decade' Award At The AMA's

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By Ben Robinson III

At this point, everyone knows that Wendy Williams never bites her tongue, especially in the aftermath of her current impending divorce and the family drama that came out of it this entire year. And even though things in her personal life have been spiraling out of control the talk show host still has a job to do by commenting on some of the hottest topics in the nation. So when pop icon Taylor Swift won the Artist of the Decade award at last night's American Music Awards she, of course, had to let her opinion be known.

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The truth of the matter is Swift has been dominating the pop charts pretty much for the entire decade. True, she had always been popular prior to the 2010's, but this decade is truly where she came to prominence as a dominating voice in the music industry. Take one look at her impressive catalog and it's clear to see she has songs that will define the decade including 'Shake It Off', 'I Knew You Were Trouble' and the anthem of every pre-teen girl all around the globe 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

Most will agree that Swift has a certain formula when it comes to making music. For a while there was a running joke that whenever she broke up with someone she would run back to the studio (or her diary) to get all of her emotions out until she had finally created a hit song or a hit album. It's a formula that has certainly worked for her over the years, and at last night's American Music Awards Swift reminded everyone about her medley of Mall Anthems just so there would be no mistake who the true Teen Queen is.

As much of an accomplishment as this is Hollywood Life reports that Williams took to her talk show to throw a few eye rolls and 'Meh's at Swift's win.

“Taylor Swift made history, which is unbelievable to me,” Wendy began, nothing that although she’s not the biggest “Swifty,” she’s still a fan of the “Lover” singer. “So, good for her, she won six awards. She has a total of 29 awards, which sounds unbelievable, but what sounds unforgivable is that she’s got more awards than Michael Jackson, Prince, and Madonna,


She continued;

“Artist of the Decade? Is she who’s been firing you up for the last 10 years? “, she polled her studio audience. “I think taste has cheapened through the years and a lot of things… Life in general I think has cheapened,” Wendy said before she gave examples of “tattered” clothing and “poisonous” food. Wendy concluded with a disclaimer that, “I don’t mean this in a bad way to Taylor… I appreciate her.” However, “Artist of the Decade?”, she questioned once more before moving on.

Wow Wendy, tell us how you really feel? In any event, congrats to Taylor! Hopefully she won't take Williams' criticism too much to heart and make her the victim of her next hit record. Because we all know that's a definite possibility.

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