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'SNL' Native American Sketch Makes Some Viewers Uncomfortable

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By Natalie Hunter

Many people consider last night's Thanksgiving episode of 'Saturday Night Live' a success. Will Ferrell was as funny as always as guest host and ratings increased to its highest point this season. However, many fans thought there was one drawback to the episode.

'SNL' aired a sketch titled "First Thanksgiving" about John Smith attending Pocahantas' family dinner. Will Ferrell, Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen play Native Americans who are prejudiced against white people. However, none of these mentioned actors are Native American.

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Will Ferrell addresses this at the end of the sketch. "Hi folks, I'm Will Ferrell, and if you're anything like me, you know there's a lot of problems in this crazy, crazy sketch," he said. "I mean, white actors, playing Natives? What is this, 2014? But, no matter what year it is, or what color we are, or whether we get our news from a fox or a peacock, one thing's for sure: none of us can digest corn. And that's what's important. Happy Thanksgiving."


Fans were not super impressed with the show's attempt at placation. Fans still found the casting of white people like Native Americans inexcusable.

"watching 4 white people dressed up as indigenous people on SNL right now and am very uncomfortable," on 'SNL' viewer tweeted. "they addressed that it was a problem at the end of the sketch?? but they still did it??"

"I get the message that #SNL is trying to make. But having white people playing Native Americans? Nah!" another fan tweeted.

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"The reversal of this Thanksgiving sketch - white people as “illegals” - is sharp, but Ferrell as playing a Native American makes me moderately uncomfortable. #SNL"

One Native American comedian took this as an opportunity to showcase what representation looks like.

"Hey @nbcsnl , if you're having trouble finding Native American comedians to play Native roles in your sketches, you should go to the first ever all Native American improv show at @ucbtla on 11/27 at 9:30pm! There's tons of us and we're all very funny!"

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A small number of fans sided with 'SNL'

"So many twitter people missing the point on the Native American sketch. #SNL," one fan tweeted.

Another fan used it as an opportunity to poke fun at cancel culture. "Blah blah blah that Native American skit was problematic blah blah blah I’m triggered blah blah blah boycott NBC blah blah blah. Did I do it right Cancel Culture guys? #SNL," the fan tweeted.

Regardless of the "First Thanksgiving," fans are happy with Will Ferrell's return as host.

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