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Luke Perry's Daughter Defends Brother's 'AEW' Wrestling Org, Lashes Out at Haters

By Gary Trock

Hardcore wrestling fans are known for being opinionative about all aspects of the action inside the squared circle, but Sophie Perry has had enough of the trolls ... especially since they're talking about her brother. The daughter of the late Luke Perry took to Instagram for a long rant about the negativity she's been seeing levied at All Elite Wrestling, a new wrestling promotion that has scooped up talents like Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes.

AEW has also recruited Jack Perry, aka Jungle Boy, the electrifying 22-year-old son of the late "Beverly Hills, 90210" star. Perry was a huge fan of his son's wrestling career, and a photo went viral shortly after the star's death showing him in the stands screaming for Jungle Boy during another independent wrestling event.

After his father's death, Jack spoke about the love they shared for wrestling.

"He was just really excited. He loved wrestling when he was a kid and his favorite wrestler was actually Dusty Rhodes, which feels cool for me in a roundabout way."


33-year-old Sophie Perry posted a photo Saturday night along with a message to some criticism she's been seeing about AEW and their recent show that just premiered on TV, "AEW Dynamite."

"Hellooooooo I’m really annoyed cuz I religiously follow AEW as a dedicated sister, but also as a fan. And I’m so over this negative bullshit I’m seeing all in the comments... first of all before you get all critical just remember u can’t do half the shit these guys do, and second, can we stop pretending you need to be fucking 10 feet tall and 3 feet wide to wrestle? what year is this, and are we not bored of the same shit???? so sit down, watch your preferred Wednesday night show, and shut up thanks :)"

One fan responded to her post, "Amen, well put. Social media age of wrestling is great and sucks at the same exact time!"

Another wrote, "Negative comments should be immediately deleted. They don’t offer any good advice."


Jungle Boy wrestles on AEW as part of the stable, Jurassic Express, and includes wrestlers Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt.

"Love jungle boy and luchasuarez [sic] but i can't stand with marko sorry," one fan wrote to Perry after she asked for positivity from fans. She immediately replied, "Why? He’s talented and working his ass off! And that’s guts man."

Another fan suggested, "Don’t read comments! You were giving them the power when you do."

"I know but like ya see one and then ya can’t stop it’s the big black hole of the internet and I lack self control," she responded.



"AEW Dynamite" has been leading the Wednesday night ratings war over competitor "WWE NXT," but last week for the first time, "NXT" was the winner. Some fans online took it as an opportunity to bash the new organization, but AEW star Chris Jericho went on Twitter to calm everyone down.

"Remember guys, it’s a marathon not a sprint....." he wrote to fans.

The ratings war between the two promoters is almost like a wrestling storyline in itself, we'll have to see who comes out on top next week!

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