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Rhylee Gerber Returns to 'Below Deck' Midseason

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By Natalie Hunter

'Below Deck' has become a massive hit for Bravo. The franchise currently on its seventh season and has a spin off show 'Below Deck Mediterranean.' Rhylee wasn't initially asked to return, but the drama that went down on this current season changed that.

After Abbi Murphy left the show for personal reasons, Captain Lee rung up his former deckhand Rhylee Gerber and asked her to step in. When she received the phone call, Rhylee was more than willing to step up to the task.

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Captain Lee was in need of a hard-working deckhand. He reached out to Rhylee on a phone call seen during episode 7. “They told me, ‘We need you to be you...They said, ‘Get on a plane,’ and I said, ‘I’m ready!'” she recalled to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Literally when they did say ‘Yes,’ they booked a trip like the next day. And then it was another full day of traveling. So it was like two days.”

Fans missed Rhylee when she didn't return on the current season of 'Below Deck.'

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However, Rhylee wasn't the only one who was bummed out. Kate Chastain was also hoping that Rhylee would return as the two had bonded during their last season together.

“Kate was like, ‘Are you sure you aren’t going back?’ And I was like, ‘Kate I promise I would tell you!'” She says a few weeks passed and she was pretty let down not to be involved in season 7. “I was pretty upset because I thought they would have called me back right away,” she continued.

Kate was thrilled to have Gerber step in and save the day after Abbi's departure.

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“I think that this is the perfect time and the perfect person to come in because I think that the boys onboard are becoming a little too much of a fraternity,” Chastain said. She added, “I think Rhylee’s good at her job, I’m happy to have her back because I like her, so I’m happy for so many reasons.”

"Aww,” Rhylee responded. “Kate, this season, is my ‘go-to’ on the boat. She’s not a bad fking ally to have! I was completely happy to be her roommate. The only other roommate I would have opted for having is Brian [de Saint Pern]." Gerber said coyly.

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“However, Rhylee was nervous about seeing Ashton.”

“Ashton has the biggest ego out of anybody I’ve ever met,” Gerber asserts. “With that, there’s pros and cons because I know he’s going to try to make himself look good as bosun, which means he was going to try to make it appear like he was being fair.”

What does this mean for the rest of the season?“I think fans of the show are going to be really shocked,” she teased.

“I mean, really shocked about how the dynamic is affected. And I know people are going to throw around the term ‘rank’ but until you are in that situation, you don’t know until you see how it fits. It’s going to be a whirlwind for sure.”

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