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'SNL' Legends Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Larry David, and Woody Harrelson Return

Will Heath / NBC
By Natalie Hunter

'Saturday Night Live' blessed its viewers with many gifts last night. Not only did the hilarious Will Ferrell returned to host for the 5th time joining the Five-Timers club, but many fan favorites of 'SNL' past graced the stage in the cold open.

The opening scene was a parody of the democratic debate that occurred Wednesday night. Larry David appeared as Bernie Sanders, Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris, Woody Harrelson, Fred Armisen as Michael Bloomberg and Rachel Dratch as Amy Klobuchar.

Gettyimages | Jeff Spicer

They were joined by current SNL cast members Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren, Colin Jost as Pete Buttigieg, Chris Redd as Cory Booker, and Bowen Yang as Andrew Yang all reprising their roles.

Cecily Strong joined a Tulsi Gabbard and Melissa Villaseñor played moderator Rachel Maddow.

Kate McKinnon kicked off the debate poking fun at Warren being given significantly more time to speak than other democratic candidates. “I know in past debates I was accused of being over-ambitious,” McKinnon’s Warren said.


“I’ve got Mom hosting Thanksgiving energy: I’m a little overwhelmed because I thought 10 people were coming and now there’s 30 million. But I promise dinner will be ready if you just get out of the kitchen and stop asking questions.”

Maya Rudolph then stepped in. “The funt is back: America’s fun aunt. I’m also America’s cool aunt: the cah — you know what, let’s not do that," she said as Kamala keeping the theme of family members at Thanksgiving alive.


“I’m just going to have fun and see if I can get some viral moments. Mama needs a GIF. Gonna tell my kids this was Michelle Obama.”

“And I see the faces you all make when I talk; you’re scared — scared I’ll say something off-color or even worse, on-color. What I want you to know is you should be scared because I’m always one second away from calling Cory Booker Barack,” Harrelson added as Biden.

Larry David was up next as Bernie Sanders with some jokes about his old age.


“Doctors were surprised I made it,” he said in reference to his Sanders' heart attack. “And I’m very proud of the fact that I was the first heart attack patient to show up to the emergency room in a city bus.”

Other characters had funny quips with Dratch poking fun at Klobuchar's “signature quivering bang, ” Jost making fun of the lack of Mayor Pete supporters and Armisen crashing the debate as a drunk Bloomberg.

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