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'SNL' Host Will Ferrell Gets Thrown Off His Game by This A-Lister

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Natalie Hunter

Will Ferrell isn't new to the 'Saturday Night Live' scene. Will Ferrell was on the show for 7 years retiring in 2002, and last night was his 5th time hosting the show. He's joined by good company in the Five-Timers club-like Melissa McCarthy, Bill Murray, Ben Affleck, Candice Bergen, Scarlett Johansson, Dwayne Johnson and Jonah Hill.

On last night's episode, Will Ferrell hosted and the musical guest was King Princess. Ferrell was off to a strong start during his opening monologue.

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He starting off with expressing his gratitude to be on the hit NYC sketch show yet again. He started, "It is great to be back here in Studio 8H. I was a cast member every year. I cherished every moment..."

But he cut himself after recognizing the A-List celebrity Ryan Reynolds in the audience to watch the show. Ferrell asked Reynolds if he was, in fact, the Ryan Reynolds.

"I get that a lot," Reynolds said before confirming his identity.


Ferrell then continued to interrupt his monologue by having a total fan girl moment. He stammers around a bit and tries to regain his footing.

"I didn't know you were going to be here," he says. He then begins stuttering like a kid who's nervous to present his school project.

He mispronounces "New York" several times and then jokes, "Speak English much? Got milk?"

He then directs his attention back to Reynolds saying, "Is it really you? ...And you came to the show because...?"


"We're really big fans," Reynolds responds, referencing his wife Blake Lively.

"And she likes me too?" Ferrell asked. "Probably more than me,"

Ferrell then giggles like a little school girl and says,"That's not to too shabby," in a put-on cockney accent.

"Great fun. TSA pre-check! What? Sorry! What am I saying?" Ferrell nervously stammers.

Will continues on saying, "So anyway, I was saying, New Yor City in the house. I've never gotten that phrase 'in the house.' Like all of New York City could fit into one house."


He then gets distracted again by Reynolds in the audience and keeps staring at him.

"Will. You gotta stop looking at me O.K.? it's a little too much," Reynolds joked.

"Oh, is it too much?" Ferrell replies.

After another random outburst, this time singing Backstreet Boys, Ferrell breaks down in embarrassment. "Why would I say that in front of Ryan Reynolds? You would never mess up like that."

Reynolds encourages Ferrell to go on with the monologue, but Ferrell is simply too in-awe of the Deadpool star.

While this was all likely just an act, Ferrell's acting skills could've easily fooled the audience into thinking he was next-level fangirling.

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