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Antonio Brown is Countersuing The Woman Accusing Him Of Sexual Misconduct

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves
By Ben Robinson III

The past few months have not been the best for NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown. When it was reported that he had just inked a multi-million dollar deal with the New England Patriots it should have been one of the most accomplished moments of his career. Unfortunately for Brown trouble soon followed after his former personal trainer, Britney Taylor, accused him of sexual assault. She alleges that Brown exhibited very scandalous behavior which made her uncomfortable during the time she was employed by him.

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According to The Shade Room the drama started back in 2017 while Taylor was Brown's personal trainer. However it didn't take long for Brown to allegedly make advances towards Taylor that were less than appropriate.

She says the first happened in June 2017 during a training session when AB exposed himself and “kissed her without consent”. In the lawsuit, Britney describes a second alleged incident, where she says Antonio stood behind her and began masturbating without her knowledge. She says the encounter ended when he ejaculated on her back.

Taylor also went on to admit that Brown allegedly sent numerous text messages bragging about his actions before realizing his deplorable behavior and begging for her forgiveness. She also alleges that after she made the decision to stay on as his trainer, despite feeling uncomfortable around him, Brown allegedly cornered her and raped her during one of their training sessions. Her lawsuit is seeking compensation for physical injuries, pain and suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, stress and anxiety, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, and emotional pain and suffering.

But now Brown is prepared to speak out against Taylor's accusations by issuing a counter suit, and he's not holding anything back. Brown is alleging that he and Taylor had a sexual relationship that was consensual and that her lawsuit is merely a money grab that came about after he signed with the Patriots for $72 million;

“In summary, after enduring a failed business endeavor and also failing to gain the relationship status she desired with Brown, Taylor began a vicious campaign of lies and deceit targeting Brown both personally and professionally. Taylor’s acts have all but ruined Brown’s career, causing him to lose a number of substantial and lucrative business contracts, and impacting the public persona in such a manner as to cause Brown and his family significant personal and financial harm."

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves

However Taylor is not backing down from the countersuit. In a response to Brown's allegations against Taylor her lawyer David Haas released this statement;

Today, Antonio Brown countersued the woman he raped and blamed her for the self-destructive conduct that led to the demise of his NFL career. In the past, Defendant Brown has used intimidation to avoid responsibility for his actions. However, Ms. Taylor will not be bullied and remains steadfast in holding Defendant Brown accountable.

Brown has yet to respond to Haas' statement. However, in a recent post to Instagram he did express his regrets for bringing so much negativity to Patriots owner Robert Kraft stating "All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization; sorry for the bad media and the drama"

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