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Twitter Is Roasting Meghan McCain After Her Latest On-Air Fight During 'The View'

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By Ben Robinson III

For what seems like the past two thousand years the ladies from long-running daytime talk show The View can always be counted on to take controversial topics and discuss them at varying degrees of volume. It's a formula that has made the show super successful, as well as the recipient of thirty Daytime Emmy Awards. And though the show is no stranger to bringing women from all walks of life together to discuss today's hottest topics things have gotten tenser with the addition of Meghan McCain.

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McCain is a very outspoken Republican who never bites her tongue. Perhaps it's a trait she learned from her father, the late John McCain. He was a staple of American politics for decades and is also famously recognized as the Republican party's nominee in the 2008 presidential election, which he lost to 44th President of the United States Barack Obama. After John McCain died in 2018 following a bought with brain cancer his daughter released a touching statement in his honor (via Business Insider)

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"I was with my father at his end, as he was with me at my beginning. In the thirty-three years we shared together, he raised me, taught me, corrected me, comforted me, encouraged me, and supported me in all things," she wrote. "All that I am is thanks to him. Now that he is gone, the task of my lifetime is to live up to his example, his expectations, and his love."

She definitely is living up to her promise by sticking to her conservative stance on The View and sometimes she and her fellow co-hosts get into heated battles.

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Hollywood Life reports that during a discussion involving the current Impeachment hearing for Donald Trump McCain and one of her co-hosts, lawyer Sunny Hostin, got into a heated argument that has been setting the Twitterverse on fire! After the subject of Republican Texas representative Will Hurd's admission of finding no evidence of bribery or extortion on Trump's part Sunny said;

“It’s about the fact that he heard evidence clear and simple and for him to sit there and say that he — the evidence has to be overwhelming and that he heard no overwhelming evidence, I want to know which hearings he was sitting at,

It was at this moment when things got tense between Hostin and McCain

“It’s easy to get a cheap applause line here,” Meghan said, expressing her disdain with Sunny and the audience. “It just is, and that’s fine. Take your cheap applause line.” Sunny attempted to tell her that it wasn’t a “cheap applause line,” and that “they agree” with her; Meghan yelled over her, “Let me speak!” Sunny quickly shot back with, “You have been speaking a lot.”

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Followers of The View on Twitter were quick to turn on McCain, who is once again exhibiting her entitled behavior by not respecting the opinions of others. One user wrote "@TheView She continues to be awful and disrespectful. There have been plenty of conservatives through the years that could get their point across without insulting co-workers or the audience. @TaraSetmayer would never." with another adding "She thinks screaming and yelling over people is adding something to the conversation. like go be a child on someone else's show. isn't that what Fox News is for?" Though many are fed up with McCain's infantile behavior she's probably not going anywhere anytime soon. And in a recent tweet she wanted everyone to know that she's used to the reactions she's been getting.

"I’m a big girl - in most circles I’m almost always the only conservative voice. I’m more than used to what happens as a result of that"

Looks like McCain is completely unbothered with being one of the least liked ladies of The View.

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