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A Few of SNL's Funniest Skits Over the Years

By Carol Cassada

Saturday Night Live has provided viewers with plenty of comedy throughout their 45 seasons on the air.

One of their most memorable skits was the Blue Oyster Cult record session. Christopher Walken played the band's producer, who kept interrupting the recording and ordering Will Ferrell's character to give him more cowbell. While fans loved the sketch, Walken wasn't a fan of it. As Will Ferrell explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Walken has come to hate the sketch. According to Ferrell, people come up to Walken and continue to utter his famous catchphrase, which doesn't sit well with the star.

While Walken may not like the skit, it was a hit with SNL fans. So let's take a look at some of the show's other memorable skits.

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Debbie Downer

Rachel Dratch was one of SNL's leading ladies during the late 90s and early 2000s. Her most popular character was Debbie Downer.

In various skits, Downer would show up at family functions and rain on everyone's parade. As everyone is celebrating a momentous occasion, Debbie would chime in with negative news to dampen the mood.

In one of her memorable sketches, Debbie is on vacation at Disney World with her family. During breakfast, her relatives were excited about seeing their favorite Disney characters, but Debbie couldn't help to share tidbits of bad news.

The skit is considered one of SNL's most hilarious, and throughout the scene, the entire cast, including guest host Lindsay Lohan struggled to contain their laughter.

Swayze and Farley Dance Off


Patrick Swayze hosted Saturday Night Live in October 1990, giving us one of the most funniest moments ever.

In the skit, he and Chris Farley are seen auditioning to become a Chippendales dancer. The two men battled it out on stage as they fought for the coveted job. Swayze showed off his impressive dancing as Farley tried to mimic Swayze's moves.

Mike Myers, Kevin Nealon, and Jan Hooks remained stone-faced as the Chippendales judges, but the audience roared with laughter over the skit.

Will Ferrell's Patriotism

Saturday Night Live helped launch Will Ferrell's career as Hollywood's next funny man. Throughout his 7 years on the show, he's played various characters and celebrities. He's provided fans with plenty of memorable moments, but none was more talked about than his patriotism sketch.

The skit aired during an October 2001 broadcast. In the scene, employees are seen at an office meeting wearing patriotic clothing. Ferrell's character comes in wearing a skimpy tank top and a thong, which causes outrage among his boss and co-workers.

While the rest of the employees had a problem with his attire, Ferrell defended his outfit and his right to show his patriotism.

McKinnon's Alien Abduction


Kate McKinnon has cemented her status as SNL's newest funny lady. While the actress is mainly known for her portrayal of Hillary Clinton, McKinnon has provided fans with plenty of other laugh out loud moments.

In a memorable sketch from a December 2015 episode, McKinnon along with Ryan Gosling and Cecily Strong play alien abductees. While Gosling and Strong talked about their peaceful encounters with the extraterrestrials, McKinnon had a different experience. McKinnon and the rest of the actors broke into laughter as her character explained the process of being probed by aliens.

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