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Shocking! Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Shed Light On Their Miscarriage

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People usually say that everything happens for a reason, but that is not what most parents who have to go through child loss think at that moment. We have heard several reports of miscarriages among celebrities, and the most recent news is centered on Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria. Just four months into her pregnancy, Hilaria suffered a miscarriage and that brought a lot of pain on the couple. They decided to keep a low profile to grieve and now they have made their first appearance.

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The couple was spotted at the American Museum of Natural History, on Thursday, and fans were excited to see them looking amazing. Speaking to Extra, the couple revealed that they are open to the idea of having another baby, but everything was based on time. Baldwin also mentioned that the pregnancy was a surprise so they are willing to take things slowly. This is amazing because there are couples who would not feel like going through the same process on the note that they don't know what to expect. Fans are relieved that the lovers are willing to try again and this time, they would get a good result.

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Sharing your deepest secrets is one of the hardest things to go through in life, but everyone is praising Baldwin and Hilaria for being so brave and not letting that experience affect their future. Hilaria revealed that although things were tough for her at the time, she shared her story with people around and this helped her heal. She also disclosed that talking to people about what she had been through helped her not to feel lonely. It's rare to see mothers who have gone through such pain bounce back on their feet and that is why Hilaria is a strong woman.

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The interviewer at the event asked the couple if the experience drove them apart or brought them closer. However. Baldwin responded saying;

"If we were closer, I would be sewn to her."

Baldwin went on to say that nothing was rosy about the experience and the aftermath, as it was the second time, but they were trying their best.

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Following the miscarriage, the couple received love and support from friends, family and fans all over the world. Hilaria also got to connect with James Van Der Beek's wife, Kimberely who had a similar experience. She explained that they were able to relate with one another and that helped them a lot. Hilaria did not know about her miscarriage until she went for a scan in the 20th week. She revealed this message to the world via Instagram and fans were shocked as well as sad for her.

Although things have been pretty difficult for the couple, we are glad that they are getting back to their normal lives.

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