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After Her Recent Baptism Evelyn Lozada Is Quitting Premarital Sex

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By Ben Robinson III

Anyone who has ever watched an episode of VH1's reality series Basketball Wives knows that one of its stars, Evelyn Lozada, is constantly involved in bad behavior with her fellow co-stars. And Lozada has always had very little concern for how it makes her look on television because she's a tough chick from New York and has no time for shame. However, after many years in the spotlight Lozada is now thinking about her image in a brand new light. And making some very needed life changes.

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Fans have been getting a kick out of Lozada's drink throwing, loud cursing, cast attacking antics since Basketball Wives premiered in 2010. Always a fan favorite, primarily because she was always the one to dish out the most shade, Lozada's celebrity only elevated once former Real World cast member Tami Roman joined the cast the following season. Especially after it was revealed that Lozada, who was once engaged to former NBA player Antoine Walker, had an affair with Roman's ex-husband Kenny Anderson.

This type of behavior laid the foundation for Lozada's storyline, which primarily include failed relationships with her co-stars as well as men she dated. Most of her fans will recall her disastrous two month marriage to former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson as well as her engagement to former MLB left fielder Carl Crawford. Though the two had a son together they never reached the altar. And now, as she reflects on her past behavior, Lozada is ready to make a change for the better.

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According to Celebrity Insider, after Lozada's recent baptism she's rethinking a lot of her life choices. Including having sex before marriage.

“I’m done with premarital sex. I felt like… [in] those relationships, I lost a piece of me, every time I had sex [out of wedlock].”

She went on to say;

There are things that happen on Basketball Wives that obviously, I’m only in control of myself and how I respond to somebody saying certain things to me. I’m going to keep it all the way one hundred when I was in Miami I didn’t care. I did crazy stuff, I said crazy things, and I moved on with my life, and I didn’t have a conscience about it. But even with filming last season, you walk away, and I process things. I think about things, and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, maybe that wasn’t the right way to handle that situation

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“As a woman, a mother, somebody that’s trying to accomplish things at life, I know I have to do better with how I respond to certain situations. This season whenever we start filming, whenever that is, it’s supposed to be at the top of the year. It’s going to be the real true facts because me getting baptized and really wanting to do it for God in the right way, it’s going to be not easy. But I’m determined to pass the test.”

Congrats to Evelyn for turning over a new leaf. Hopefully, the changes stick in 2020 and beyond.

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