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Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni Farley: A History Of Their Feud

Gettyimages | Todd Williamson/E! Entertainment
By Sarah Veldman

It's safe to say Angelina Pivarnick has always been the most disliked person on Jersey Shore. The famous roommates have always cast her to the outside of their inner circle.

After she showed up to the house with her belongings in trash bags and left just a few episodes into the first season, it looked like she would stay on her castmates' bad sides forever.

Nobody hated Angelina more than Jenni Farley (well, maybe Vinny, but that's only due to the sexual tension between the two.)

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They've Had A Difficult Relationship From The Beginning

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Angelina and Jenni have had a contentious relationship over the years, constantly getting involved in fights that usually ended up getting physical (and destroying poor rental properties in the process.)

When Angelina returned to the show in the second season while the cast was shooting in Miami, she apologized to the other roommates with her tail between her legs.

However, she eventually left once again, always with the hope that someone would come after her or ask her to stay.

Explosive Arguments

Gettyimages | Dave Kotinsky

It was during that second season of Jersey Shore when JWoww delivered some of the show's most memorable lines towards Angelina.

During an epic argument on the deck of the house, Jenni delivered this infamous line: "You can stay, get your ass beat, you can stay get your f--king ass beat."

Their resentment towards each other continued years later, with huge public arguments on social media. In 2012, Jenni called out Angelina for comments she made about gay people during an interview, writing, "Angelina u f--king skank FYI I shouldn't even breathe Ur name right now but I must… Gays have every to get married and have families. Who the f--k are u saying they don't? I should smack that disgusting pig mouth of Urs for talking s--t about gay rights…"

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The drama has really blown up this year now that Jersey Shore: Family Vacation is filming, with Angelina also part of the cast.

During one of the show's most explosive and talked about episodes, Jenni introduced everyone to her new boyfriend Zack, or "24." It seemed as if he and Angelina did not get along at all. She felt attacked by his comments about her lack of a sex life, and she started complaining about him to the rest of the cast.

Jenni's Boyfriend Hits On Angelina

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

However, fast forward to later on, when Zack was seen hitting on Angelina, while Jenni is passed out drunk somewhere.

Angelina said about the incident, “One minute he’s asking about my sex life, the next minute he’s grabbing me! He doesn’t know what boundaries are.”

Vinny and Deena both witnessed what happened, and cameras filmed it for all to see, however, Jenni was in denial about the whole thing until the actual episode aired.

She wrote on Instagram afterward, “She was all over him too…. I saw her ass in his face. Real friend there. She stirred the pot knowing it would end up on TV. If she was a true friend, she would’ve checked him and then came straight to me. She lived for the drama and straight disrespect.”

The Cast Unites For Angelina's Wedding

Giphy | Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The feud continued on social media with back and forth comments being made by both women, and Angelina acting as if it was no big deal.

Angelina recently married Chris Larangeira and Jenni, as well as the other girls from Jersey Shore, served as bridesmaids.

Interesting, considering the long history of fighting and their recent explosive feud. However, it seems Jenni and Angelina were able to put their differences aside for at least a day, all in the name of love.

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