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Lili Reinhart Criticized For Her Comments About OCD

Gettyimages | Gabriel Olsen
By Sarah Veldman

She's known for her starring role on Riverdale but Lili Reinhart took on a more risque role recently in the movie Hustlers. In it, she plays a stripper alongside other big names like Jennifer Lopez and Lizzo.

Lili appeared on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon where she discussed her role, however she was criticized for some of her comments by Twitter users (as per usual, the keyboard army is always out in full-force.) However, she made sure to defend herself right away.

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Lili Makes Some Comments About OCD

Gettyimages | NBC

The actress spoke to Jimmy Fallon about her role in the movie Hustlers and discussed the use of fake vomit. Her character vomits multiple times throughout the movie, and Lily found this difficult at times, due to her OCD.

She told The Tonight Show host that she had to drink a "cup full of fake vomit," which was made using "animal crackers and Sprite mixed together." Sounds appetizing!

Lili continued, saying she was worried that her OCD would keep her from being able to chug the mixture.

Giphy | Lili Reinhart

People who don't have OCD tend to throw around the term these days in casual conversation as if it's a joke, and Lili was criticized by many viewers claiming she was doing the same and making light of their mental illness.

Twitter erupted with comments criticizing the Riverdale actress. One user tweeted, "people never take my OCD seriously. That's because everyone claims to have it."

Not every comment was critical though, with many supporting the actress for sharing her struggles with mental illness.

Some Fans Showed Their Support

Giphy | Lili Reinhart

One Twitter user wrote, "I've had OCD my entire life. I've even been hospitalized for it. The fact that you feel comfortable talking about it is inspiring for me. Thank you for being you!"

Another user also showed their support, tweeting, "Mental illnesses are an endless struggle. I appreciate you talking about them SO MUCH. You're an absolute legend.

So, while not every comment was bad, Lili did feel the need to defend herself, and rightly so. Many did not take her comments about OCD seriously, and she addressed the backlash on Twitter.

Lili Defends Her Comments On Twitter

Gettyimages | Rachel Luna

Lili wrote, "I just want to put out there re: my Fallon interview — I actually do suffer from OCD, it wasn't just a little quip I made on a talk show. 'I've had OCD since I was in elementary school. So, yes. I do have the right to talk about it thanks."

This is not the first time Lili has spoken about mental illness. In the November issue of Glamour Lili openly talked about other struggles she has faced, especially while being in the spotlight.

Lili Spoke About Mental Illness To Glamour

Gettyimages | Dimitrios Kambouris

The Hustlers star told the publication, "Depression has affected me in so many ways. It's something that never goes away. I've experienced depression and anxiety. Not constantly, but I'm still experiencing it. I have spells of time where I feel completely unmotivated, I don’t want to do anything and I question myself. I don’t know how to handle stress very well."

She also faced a huge amount of social anxiety and spoke of this as well. She said, "I was having trouble going to school every day. I was crying before school. I would fake being sick so my mum would let me stay home."

Good for Lili for speaking about such personal topics.

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