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What Is Next For Prince Andrew?

Gettyimages | Christopher Furlong
By Sarah Veldman

It wasn't that long ago when the worst thing people called Prince Andrew was "Air Miles Andy" for his overuse of private jets and helicopters. Some even called him "Randy Andy," though nobody could have guessed how well that name actually fit.

Now, he is simply known as an embarrassment to the royal family, and someone who not only associated with pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but even slept with his sex slave Virginia Roberts. Once the favorite child of The Queen, his fall from that very tall pedestal has been painful.

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Forced Into Early Retirement

Gettyimages | Ian Forsyth

It was only a matter of time before Queen Elizabeth II realized what a disaster Prince Andrew had created around himself, and clearly she is worried about the prince bringing the royal family down with him.

It has been reported that the formidable, and strong-willed Queen has forced Prince Andrew to step back from his royal duties, cutting off his 249,000 pound salary, effectively firing him or forcing him into "early retirement" if you want to put it in nicer terms.


The prince said yesterday in a statement: "I have asked Her Majesty if I may step back from public duties for the foreseeable future and she has agreed."

Of course, the Queen was only allowing him to bow out gracefully, making it seem as if it was Prince Andrew's idea. Who wouldn't have loved to be a fly on the wall during that conversation? I suppose we'll have to wait for The Crown to start showing modern-day episodes before we ever get an insight.

How Did He Get Here?

Gettyimages | Dan Kitwood

After his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein emerged, questions started being asked of Prince Andrew, questions it seemed, that he didn't want to answer.

Things really went downhill for the prince when pictures emerged of him posing with Epstein's sex slave Virginia Roberts.

But the real nail in the coffin came after his BBC Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis in which his arrogance was truly his downfall.

Trying to explain away the evidence by claiming he can't sweat, and that he was taking his daughter to a pizza party would have seemed comical if the accusations against him weren't so serious.

Where Will He Go From Here?

Gettyimages | Chris Jackson

Queen Elizabeth II forcing her son to step back from royal duties, effectively forcing him into early retirement, isn't exactly the way any royal wants to bow out. Members of the royal family want to be known for doing good work, being likable, and generating good headlines in the press.

This is just about the worst thing that could happen for Prince Andrew, however, he brought it on himself, and I don't think anyone is losing any sleep over his "early retirement" that was basically being fired from his own family.

Prince Andrew will still be welcomed at what are deemed "family occasions" so we will still see him walking to church with the rest of the royals on Christmas. Though, he should probably look out for any flying tomatoes or garbage being thrown at him.

However, he will no longer participate in any solo engagements or work with the 230 charities he is the patron of.

What will he do next? Maybe Prince Andrew is the type to sit around in his pajamas binge-watching Netflix when he is depressed?

Only time will tell, but it will be quite a while before we see him again in any public capacity, especially if the Queen has any say in it.

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